Shoe trends that are bubbling up this holiday season

Shoe trends that are bubbling up this holiday season

Shoes are one of the most versatile and practical fashion accessories a woman could own. They help to tie the whole look together and make the ensemble look whole and complete. And since we have officially entered the holiday season, we couldn’t think of any better way to bring in the holiday vibes than indulging in some shopping. As far as clothes are concerned, we keep purchasing them every now and then, however, when it comes to shoes, we become a bit cautious and picky. Much like any other fashion article, shoes are also being introduced in different styles this season, and thankfully enough, the trends in question happen to be quite festive in appearance, which has tempted us, even more, to go on a shoe shopping spree. Also, we personally feel that every shoe trend is majorly festive and incredibly beautiful in its own way, no matter which pair you decide to go with, these festive shoes will beautify your outfit further and make the ensemble look more elevated. Be it your jeans or dress, these shoes will look exemplary with every outfit of yours.
Listed below are the prettiest shoe trends you can consider wearing this holiday season.

Pearl detailing

Be it jewelry, clothes, or shoes, you just cannot go wrong with pearls. They are one of the prettiest elements to have in your fashion articles, we have spotted them majorly in the form of jewelry or bags, but this year, you will be spotting them in the shoe department as well. Shoes with pretty pearl detailing add a sense of elegance and luxe vibe to the look. If you are looking to make a statement with your outfit this holiday season, then let your pearl heels or flats take the center stage and make them do all the talking.

Fuchsia shade

The color of your shoes can make or break the look. Some people like to keep it safe by choosing the shoes in neutral colors like black, nude, and white, some are experimental enough to try bold and unusual colors with their outfit. No matter which category you belong to, we would anyway suggest investing in fuchsia shoes, which also happens to be one of the biggest shoe trends of the season. These shoes are a great way to add a pop of color into your wardrobe as well as your holiday outfits. Whether worn with dresses or jeans, satin fuchsia shoes will instantly spice up your outfit.

Kitten heels

Kitten heels are one of the best kinds of heel you can have in your wardrobe. They are not only a chic-looking pair but are also incredibly comfortable and can totally be worn for long durations without feeling much discomfort. If you are looking for a pair that can sustain you for long hours, kitten heels are possibly your best bet.

Crystal embedded shoes


One of the best ways to add some bling and sparkle to your look is by slipping into a pair of crystal embedded shoes. With these shoes on, you wouldn’t need anything else to make your outfit look chic and stylish. Given the amount of bling and drama in this pair, you will be able to pull off even the most basic jeans and tee outfit.

Sharp-pointed toes

Shoes with sharp pointed toes are another chic pair to include in your closet this year. This pair is also known as knife heels, and that can be attributed to the unusual and unique shape of the shoe. Ditch your classic pump and invest in this modern beauty that will instantly jazz up any outfit of yours.

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