Everything was going so smoothly at the beginning of the last year until the pandemic hit our lives. Our world was shaken, and so were different aspects of our lives. Who would have thought the happiness we were feeling while looking at spring 2020 trends would only last a while, and a sense of contentment would be replaced by nothing but sadness and grief. The trends we were so excited to try didn’t even get a chance to see the light of the day, let alone become a part of our wardrobe for spring 2020. Considering things weren’t exactly working in the favor of the fashion industry, the trends that were expected to be everywhere just vanished into thin air in no time.

Here we are today, a year later. With a slightly different approach to fashion and a fresh mindset, we are all set to start afresh and make this spring far more happening and interesting than the previous year, which should be a piece of cake for almost everyone. But before that, it’s also imperative to determine which trends are making it huge in the industry, and the ones that failed to make it big and were left behind in 2020 only.


Trending: Checkerboard print
Outdated: Vacation prints

Suitcases that were supposed to collect dust from all the traveling actually ended up collecting dust in the back of our closets the previous year. Tropical prints were one of the hottest trends of spring 2020; however, they ended up being evaporated, given the pandemic situation. Checkerboard print, on the other hand, is gaining a lot of popularity at the moment. This eye-catching print will help add so much flair and cozy touch to your outfit.


Outdated: Heeled loafers
Trending: Elevated thong sandals

The fashion lot loves anything that looks slightly weird, including shoes. Shoes are also a great way to make a statement, and that’s what elevated thong sandals are for. Thong sandals featuring kitten heels or cushy platform soles are having a moment right now. And while heeled loafers definitely had their moment, the craze for them has worn off; hence we are spotting less of them this year.


Outdated: Soft sherbert hues
Trending: highly saturated colors

Last year was all about sherbert hues, and as much as we adore these soft pretty hues, they don’t feel relevant right now. Considering colors can change the entire vibe of the outfit, you cannot go wrong with them. And when it comes to spring 2021, bright and highly saturated colors are trending hard this year. Colors like bubblegum pink, tangy tangerine, and grassy green will be everywhere this season. They are bold, chic, and more importantly, fun to wear.


Outdated: Netting
Trending: Tummy ties

There has been a dramatic rise in the popularity of risqué trends this year. Barely-there style is especially gaining a lot of attention, and while there are a couple of barely-there pieces to name, clothing pieces with tummy ties are the current talk of the town and having a major fashion moment right now. Netting, on the other hand, was predicted to be one of the hottest trends previous spring; however, we didn’t really get to see much of it as if it suddenly vanished into thin air.


Trending: Micro mini skirts
Outdated: Hotpants

If you are keeping up with the trends, you may already know that micro mini skirts are all the rage at the moment; they are ruling the fashion scene right now. Hemlines seem to be only getting shorter this year, but not that short. Micro mini skirts are an excellent alternative to hotpants, a trend that couldn’t really make it big in the fashion industry.

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