If you are someone who comes under this category then you have come to the right place. We know how hard and overwhelming it may get sometimes when you aren’t able to find the perfect outfit for yourself. Owing to the fact that not many brands design their clothes keeping petite girls in mind and that makes it a lot more difficult when it comes to finding a perfect piece for yourself. However, that’s not entirely the case, as long as you follow certain styling tips no one can stop you from making the heads turn and rock your outfit like a pro.

To enlighten you about some of the styling tips, we have listed a few outfit ideas for you that will work well for your body type.

Flared jeans are your best friend

Flared jeans are one of the hottest trends to follow at the moment which makes it double the fun to style it in different ways. These vintage inspired jeans style are an amazing pick for your wardrobe which can be paired with many different tops such as graphic tees, fancy blouses, button down shirts etc. For girls with petite body frame should opt for flared jeans that are high waisted and have a flare starting from the knees. To create a maximum impact with your outfit carry the look with high heels and you will be all set to rock the day.

Opt for a maxi dress with split

Maxis can prove to be a big fail for girls with such body frame. They can feel really overwhelming and make you appear shorter than you already are. However, if you bear certain things in mind you will be able to ace the look like nobody else. And the key to achieveing this look is to opt for maxis that come with a side split. It neutralizes the effect of blocky appearance and gives such dresses more definition and polished feel. It will also help to balance out your body figure and make you look more flattering. Another great way is to roll up the sleeves of the dress and make it work like a pro.

Choose ankle boots over knee length boots

We know knee length boots have a separate fan base but that might not actually work for girls with petite body frame. Long boots can easily cut your legs short and make you appear shorter than you are. Whereas, ankle boots can turn out to be your safest bet and will always work in your favor. Much like long boots, ankle boots look equally amazing and stylish. These boots can easily be paired with most of the outfits and can go year round with different looks. These boots go really well with short skirts and make you look like an absolute diva.

However, if you still insist on wearing long boot then over the knee boots might work the best for you.

Opt for skirts that are shorter on side

Everybody loves skirts as long as it looks flattering on their body frames. But one wrong move and it can easily make you look completely hopeless and less flattering. And when it comes to petite girls, skirts that end above the knees or just sit on the knee works the best for them. Avoid Wearing midi or long skirts as they can easily make you look shorter. Flared and skater skirts are considered to be your safest bet as they help in elongating your legs even more. Team it up with a stunning pair of ankle boots and you will be good to go.

Avoid wearing chunky shoes with below the knee skirt

The key to wearing your below the knee skirts and dresses is to pair it up with nice strappy heels and not some chunky shoes. As they can easily draw attention towards your feet and make you look shorter. With so much going on in the upper area, you surely wouldn’t want to divert the attention to your legs. So always carry such outfits with sexy pair of heels with delicate thin straps.

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