Face shaving is a very popular and painless way to get rid of the facial hair. Face shaving involves the use of face razors to get rid of the facial hair. Besides, removing facial growth, face shaving also helps in exfoliating and achieving a clear and smooth complexion.
Face shaving is in trend nowadays and you may wish to try it but before shaving your face, here, are a few things that are to be kept in mind. In the feed, we have compiled a few important things you should know before you use face razors. If you want to know what all is there, keep on reading!

Choosing the Right Tool

Face razors are the tool you use for face shaving and you might find every face razor doing the same purpose. But before you shave your face it’s really important to choose the correct tool. When it comes to face shaving pick the razor that is not too harsh. The blades should not be sharp.
Since you’ll be shaving your face; you can’t pick sharp razors as they might cut your skin. So, make sure you pick the correct tool.

Clean Your Face

When you shave your face make sure you’re doing it on clean skin. There could be oil, dirt, and grime on the face that can harm your skin when shaved off. So, it’s really important for you to start with a clean face.
Wash your face with a mild cleanser and cold water. If you’ll be using harsh cleansers or cleanser having strong ingredients such as salicylic acid before shaving you might irritate your skin while shaving thus it’s really important for you to use a mild cleanser before shaving your face.

Start With A Moisturized Skin

Make this is a rule, whenever you have to shave your face, your skin should be moisturized. When you shave on dry skin you harm the skin’s natural moisture content.
So, once the face is clean, apply face oil or moisturizer so that your skin is nicely prepped for shaving. Moisturized skin will also prevent the chances of cuts or dryness after shaving. Also, apply face oil or moisturizer to each side, for instance, if you have to shave the left side of your face first, apply moisturizer to the left side first, and then to the side, you’ll be shaving next.

Pull The Skin

When you’ll be shaving your face make sure you pull the skin. Pulling the skin minimizes the chances of skin rashes and cut. Also, you get a firm grip on facial growth.
Gently pull the skin from one hand and with the help of the other hand shave your face in the direction of the hair growth. You have to shave your face in the downward direction and not the upward direction. If you’ll be shaving in the upward direction you might cut your skin and won’t even get rid of the facial growth properly.

Rub An Ice Cube

Shaving your face might led to redness and inflammation so make sure once you have shaved your face you rub an ice cube to calm the skin.

So, these were a few things you need to keep in mind every time you’ll be shaving your face. We all have different skin types and there may be a few more steps you feel to add to this according to the skin type you have. You’re free to add the steps you want to as you know your skin much better.
We hope the feed turns out to be a great help!

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