Handbags aren’t always necessary but they add more definition to your look when done right. Besides, they come in all shapes and sizes to fit into your mood and functionality of the day. Here’s a list of the 5 most stylish picks that’ll give you an edge and compliment your style effortlessly.

1. Quilted Bags

They feel heavy but aren’t, rather they add more finesse to an otherwise dull look. These are sleek and inherently softer, an easy choice over full-blown tote bags (they aren’t out of fashion ever, though). They come in many subtle nude and pastel shades if that’s your thing or you can always turn a blind eye to darker ones. You can choose a smaller quilted bag for a luncheon or a black rectangular one for the workplace, or pick a good old nude biggie while traveling.

2. Soft Shoppers

Teddy bear feels everywhere you take this friend. These are super lightweight and soft as they are made. This one is for your shopper self. Throw in your garments, scarfs, sunscreens, and scrunchies and take them to the beach too because they are conveniently portable. These too, come in different sizes to suit the different shopper personas out there: the ‘I hate showing my purse’ kind, the ‘just throw everything into the bag’ kind, and the ‘laidback’ shopper, among others. Be careful not to overburden the bag as this tends to strain its structure over time.

3. Moon-shaped

How wonderfully intricate life would turn when our bags could be molded into shapes that we love? These are beautifully structured leather bags shaped like the crescent moon, lightweight. Brands are carefully building a range of such bags that embrace a wide variety of colorful leather stitched to perfection to suit every occasion. These are more fashion-oriented, hence, storage can seem a little compromised. But overall, a very stylish pick, indeed.

4. Hobo Bags

Hobos are a new addition to the accessory line. They are pretty satchels but the only difference here is that the chain hem is loose or curved, making it lengthier if incorporating a larger item and also giving more space for the hand. It is laidback and gathered, hence, a great pick for your workplace or college. If you choose the non-structured ones the side hems will be loose too and when empty, can be folded down to nothing. Make sure to not put anything heavy so as keep its stitch safe.

5. Structured Handheld Bags

Like crossbody bags, the storage is just enough for your mini essentials, which is what makes it a trendy pick! Its subtlety lies in its compact style. It is elegantly business-like and you can go smaller depending on your purpose. Go for a black sustainable leather handheld bag for work or a white fur one for a date night or a premiere show. These can be paired easily with denim or long coats, season no bar.

There are bags tailored for every occasion. Some like to go functional or pick the stylish one as they like but there is always room for experimentation with fabrics (knit, denim, synthetic), leathers, and colors. One can pick any size that suits their comfort and purpose.

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