What Can Go Wrong While Using An Epilator For Hair Removal?

What Can Go Wrong While Using An Epilator For Hair Removal?

Epilators are the recent development in hair removal technology. Most of us aren’t familiar with this product and sometimes it can be scary due to the tutorials you watch. These are supposed to pluck your hair from the roots and it doesn’t grow back faster as it happens when you use the other three methods of hair removal. Each hair removal technique has its pros and cons. By far most of the women prefer to use a razor on their body rather than waxing or using a hair removal cream. If you have been doing that and don’t like the hair growing back every three days then using an epilator can be a choice for you. It is pretty much similar to what you do with a razor. However, you feel somewhat pain using it. Let’s talk about the pros and cons of using an epilator in detail.

Slow Hair Growth

So if we talk about hair growth after using an epilator is quite slow because you are pulling out the hair from the root. Therefore, the hair takes a much longer time to grow than it will take after you have used a razor or hair removing cream. You are relieved for like two weeks after using this, but that again depends upon your hair growth. If it is frequent then it will last your one and a half to two weeks or otherwise, it could just take two weeks in general. For slow hair growth, it can last for a month. As I said it depends upon your hair growth.

Lesser Time than Waxing

It does not take your much time if you get habitual to it. You can use an epilator on your hands, legs, bikini area as well as, the face. However, it will be gross to use the same epilator everywhere if you cannot wash it underwater. So make sure you take a waterproof epilator that you can wash and reuse whenever required. It does take some time to get habitual to it but once you get the hang of it you can remove all body hair in half an hour, which is exactly what a razor will take. So it can be scary in the beginning, although with the time you will get used to it.



Besides being reusable it is an eco-friendly tool because an epilator will last you a good amount of time depending upon the quality you have purchased. If it is a cheap one then it cannot be useful for more than a six months may be lesser than that however there are people who have been using this for five years in a row. You can think of using this product for years in your life if invested wisely.


It is a painful process and it does take time for you to get used to the pain. If not used correctly it can lead to hair breakouts, which can leave hair patches and indifferent hair growth. However, you need to go slower while using this device and because you need to move slower you feel more pain in your body. If the needles are thin then you need to work in small patches.


It can be a big investment for a certain individual as I will cost you more than your hair straightener or hair curler. However, there are cheap ones which will not last you long. Now, if you are thinking of purchasing it then you need to keep a few things in mind. One is it should be with a cod and not codless. As codless ones do lose their battery life and then they are of no use to you however the cod ones can last you longer. Purchase the one which is waterproof because it will not be hygienic as you will not be able to clean all the hair out of it.

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