Your Guide To 5 Classic Black & White Outfits

Your Guide To 5 Classic Black & White Outfits

Some fashion combos never fade and no matter what trend is brimming these combos are inevitable and black & white combination is a perfect example to quote. Black & White outfit- is just a classy one to adopt if you haven’t. This classy combination- you can never go wrong with!
Black and white is a blank canvas for you that you can accessorize with literally anything. This combination goes well with any pop of color amplifying your style game much stronger! The striking disparity in these two hues is an ecstasy. If there is any stylish outfit we bet that surely comes out by combining these two hues. Even if it’s so much exciting to play with colors still the grace and bold look the white and black pieces cast when put together- is just irresistible. Sharp enough for the office, effortless for casual, and perennially chic for an evening party, black & white combination can take you anywhere from minimal to the maximum.
We all have black and white pieces in our closet. We mean these both are our fundamental wardrobe preferences so let’s just spice up both these hues and combine these classic hues in modern ways. Stay tuned!

Classic White-button Down Shirt and Black Jeans

A white button-down and a pair of black jeans is every closet’s investment. We guess we both have these basic pieces and when styled together these pieces come out as the most classic and worn combination of all times and something that is even in trend these days. This combination is a statement corporate look and even serves as the staple casual ensemble. If you’re looking for a contemporary and clean look this is it! Don’t forget to add a pop of color may be a belt would work great so that you don’t end up looking as if you’re in a uniform.

Black and White Striped Pieces


We all love this pattern. Black and white stripes add a noticeable feature to your entire look and when we talk about the ease of this pattern well, you can’t just go wrong in styling these pieces. Just blindly style this pattern with anything that comes to your mind and we bet you won’t look like a slob.
The black and white strip is the most flattering pattern that helps to lengthen your body and is available in different thicknesses (of the stripes) so you can opt for what matches your style and preference.

Culottes and Striped Shirt

Culottes are soon becoming every wardrobe’s preference and for all the comfort it renders. Mostly looked like a casual couture, the tailored style is also sharp enough to be worn during your corporate hours. Just throw a white and black striped shirt with black or white culottes whatever hue you have and voila you’re ready without forsaking your work dress code.
This look can even be turned out for a Sunday brunch by just giving your shirt a trendy knot from the front.

Checked Formal Dress


We splurge a lot on basic and monotone dresses that sometimes they look a bit tad, we can feel you girls. Why not branch out our dress collection by adding a few checked style pieces. Black and white check style is loved by all and instantly elevates your look. Heading for a party or office meeting this investment covers you for all.
Smokey eye look, loose bun, and a pair of chunky heels this just adds the correct dose of style to this ensemble and does complete justice to the look.

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