A scarf is that piece of fabric which offers functionality and style altogether. You can never run out of ways to style them with different outfits. They come in all different forms, styles, designs, and materials. Their versatility is one of the best things which makes them a must-have wardrobe staple. We all know how even a simple accessory can elevate the look and what’s better than having a beautiful scarf. Wear them to your evening affairs or a casual outing, they look amazing when styled the right way. Their easy and cheap availability is another great thing about having them. However, not all scarves come all inexpensive. There are some pieces that are made of fine quality and make for a luxurious piece to layer with your outfits. A gorgeous scarf holds enough power to transform the simplest outfit into a stylish and expensive one.

Every scarf holds different importance and looks equally beautiful but there are some pieces that look fab with different outfits and are a must to have in your wardrobes.

1. Silk scarves

To give your outfit a royal and luxurious feel, a silk scarf can work wonders. Its beautiful and soft texture is what makes them look all expensive and luxurious. Pick a bright and bold colored scarf to add to your outfits. They instantly grab all the attention and make you stand out from the crowd. You can wear it around your neck or shoulder with your winter outfits to provide extra warmth to the body.

This piece solely can make a statement so a silk scarf is a must to have in your wardrobes. They may be a little pricier on the side but are worth investing in. If you are into prints or patterns, choose a scarf that comes with floral or animal print as they are very much in right now.

2. Bandana scarf

You may not know but a bandana scarf can be styled in numerous ways and styles. Which is what makes them a must to have in your wardrobes. Even if styled with a plain outfit, it can do wonders for your ensemble. They look the best with casual attires. You can easily throw it around your neck, hair or hand. Wear them as a head wrap, headband or a tie, there are myriad ways to style them.

Wear it with your plain and casual attires like romper, dungarees or a swimsuit and it will instantly spice up your outfit.

3. Woolen knit scarf

It serves as a great accessory to have during winters. With the amount of warmth and coziness it provides, it is a must to have them in the wardrobes. You can easily layer it around your neck with your winter outfits like chunky sweater, wrapped under a coat or even with your dresses. It not only offers functionality but stylish looks as well. They are available in all different colors and styles, from neutrals to dark rich tones. Pick the one that will go perfectly with all your outfits.

4. Faux fur scarf

Faux fur scarf has always been a huge hit in the market. So, you cannot miss out on having them in your wardrobe. They not only act as a shield against the cold breeze but also add some character to your outfit. They especially look great with dresses as they make your ensemble look more attractive and classy. Just like any other scarf they are also quite versatile to style with many different outfits during winters.

5. Animal print scarf

With they being introduced in all different forms, how is it possible to not have them in a form of scarf too. Animal prints are having quite a moment in the fashion world and are garnering a lot of attention for all the right reasons. It’s their beautiful looks and pattern that does the work. Adding them to your outfit can instantly make you look all spiced up. You can wear it with your casual as well as formal attires. They come in all different materials and styles, you can pick whatever feels the best to you. With having so many good things about them, it’s definitely a must to add them to your wardrobes.

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