With how cold it starts to get during winters layering clothes come to our easy rescue. You can never go wrong by adding some layers to your already warm outfit to add extra coziness and character to the look. While layering serves functionality it’s equally important that the whole outfit looks well put together and not the other way around. With weather as unpredictable as any movie’s climax, it’s hard to rely on just one layering piece to add over your outfits and that too without compromising your fashion.

Not every top layer goes with every outfit, there are certain pieces that only looks good with a few particular clothes. And that is why it is important to have different top layers that you can simply throw over your outfits without compromising your style. They also help in elevating your ensemble by acting as a statement layering piece.

We have rounded up a list of 5 must-have top layer you need to add right away to your closet.


Nothing looks as classy and elegant than a blazer teamed up with your formal as well as casual attire. It gives very lady-like and sophisticated vibes to the look. You can easily rock it with your knee-length pencil skirt, jeans, and pants. You can carry a nice button-down shirt, a t-shirt and a blouse underneath it.
A blazer comes in all different sizes, colors, and patterns, you can pick the one that suits your style and looks very chic and elegant when paired with different outfits. Make sure to accessorize it a little by carrying nice heels and handbag with your outfit.


A woolen cardigan is a must to have during fall/winters. It is very easy to carry with different outfits. Layer it over a dress or a t-shirt, you can rock them without compromising your style and fashion. It is known to provide the right amount of warmth to the body and adds more personality to the look. Cardigans usually are very lightweight and sturdy, but they also come in all different forms. You can easily create different looks out of it, be it minimal and feminine or preppy and edgy, you can do it all.


If you are looking to create an edgy yet modern look, look no further than a classic leather jacket. It offers comfort and style altogether. You just cannot go wrong with having a classic black leather jacket in your wardrobe. Owe it to its versatile look, it can be layered be nearly all your outfits. From dresses to jeans, it looks amazing with everything. To add more edginess to the ensemble, look for a studded jacket.
If you want to go a little unconventional with your choice, look for a jacket that comes in different colors like navy, cherry red, etc.


A trench coat comes really handy during rainy and windy days. It not only serves functionality but also acts as a statement piece only if carried the right way. They come in all different styles, designs, and materials. You can look for one that suits the weather conditions and serves the purpose. They are also quite versatile when it comes to styling them, layer it over your dress or top and bottoms and you are good to go. With all the good things it comes with, having them in your wardrobe is a must.


A denim jacket is one staple piece that nobody can deny of its importance. It looks effortlessly chic yet a little edgy around the corner. Pair it over any outfit and you can simply rock the day. There are many good things about having a denim jacket. It offers durability, goes year-around and is very easy to maintain. From different washes, sizes, and colors, a denim jacket comes in all different forms.

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