Exfoliation is the next step in cleaning your body. Besides, getting rid of dead cells from the skin also plays a part in providing a sort of relaxation to the body when done right. This vital step in your beauty regime ensures a healthy glow on your skin so, it goes without saying that it has to be done effectively to achieve the best results. Generally, the results of any addition to your routine show up in 3-4 months. Following the right steps, smoother skin is rather realizable in 4-7 weeks. We are listing here some of the best tips for anyone who’s just starting.


  1. Dry Brushing

Using the right tools is the thing. Consider using a dry brush all over your body as your pre-shower regimen in the morning. This not only brushes off dead skin cells constructively and helps in lymphatic drainage but also energizes you from within. The correct way to dry the brush is to go in a circular motion starting from your feet and going upwards finishing around the neck area. With this, you’ll prevent blackheads and bumps on your arms and strawberry legs post-shaving. After a shower, make sure to deep condition your whole body while damp. Recommended usage for beginners is twice a week. The dry bristles of the brush could be a tad bit harsh.

Dry Brushing

  1. Scrubbing

Using physical exfoliation is a great option for someone looking for squeaky clean skin. Use a scrub on damp skin in the shower after you have washed your body thoroughly. Massage for a few minutes and wash off. This will completely clean your skin. It’s suggested to focus on areas of the body that have thick skin, has turned darker (because of improper cleaning), or have turned velvety. Scrubs can be damaging to the skin if done for too long (take special care in choosing the right scrub matter in your product). Use two-three times a week for proper upkeep and with the least amount of pressure. This will deliver.


  1. No Over-Exfoliation!

If you tend towards over-exfoliating your skin thinking that this might help you get rid of dirt and make your skin look and feel ultra-bright, then you are misguided in this direction. Over-exfoliation is equivalent to torturing your skin because:

  1. It will diminish your skin barrier
  2. It will expose the skin to more dirt and UV
  3. It will damage the dermis
  4. It will make your skin drier
  5. It will weaken your skin’s surface
  6. It will cause redness, irritation, and itching

Dermatologists always tell us that exfoliation must be done the right way. It is only a regular cleaning step. There is no point in damaging your skin and making it prone to problems when you can go easy and keep it healthy-looking.

No Over-Exfoliation!

  1. Role of Vitamin C?

When one is aspiring to obtain a healthy glow, exfoliation can be smartly combined with this element. In case you are using chemical exfoliation, add a Vitamin C enriched serum to your skincare routine to help placate dull-looking skin. After physical exfoliation too, you can combine a Vitamin C serum with your daily body emollient for supple skin. Vitamin C plays a vital role in brightening up when added to one’s regimen daily.

Role of Vitamin C?

  1. Chemical Exfoliation

Salicylic acid, glycolic acid, mandelic acid, and lactic acid are some of the chemicals used for exfoliating your skin. For your bumpy arms and blackheads on your back to darkened elbows and neck region, these acids can surprisingly show results in 2-3 months and they are super easy to apply. Depending upon the strength of an acid, the application frequency varies from daily to once a week. If you have just started, go with a salicylic acid exfoliant and keep your usage to twice a week and slowly reach daily.

Chemical Exfoliation


Exfoliation can also be achieved through retinol-based products. Research tells us that retinol is a multi-tasking component, they help get rid of tan, fine lines, acne, pigmentation, and many more. Through these tips, you’ll not find yourself what to do and what not to do as we have put things out here in a perspective for easy interpretation. Always remember to moisturize after exfoliation and protect your skin from UV rays for your skincare to turn fruitful. This way, clear skin would come your way in no time!

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