You know that lipstick is used on the lips and concealer is used under the eyes and all the other products and their uses. But do you know that you can use your makeup products for different reasons? You can use one product for other purposes as well. This helps in utilizing the product to the maximum capacity and being creative. There are no rules and limits when it comes to using makeup products and how to use them. You can be creative and can use the product you have for other users when you need it. For example, if you do not have eyeshadow but lipstick and you want to add some color to your lids then you can use the lipstick as an eye shadow.


1: Lipliner as a Brow Pencil

There are lipliners in shades of brown and black and if you do not have an eyebrow pencil at the moment and you need to have your brows filled, you can use a lip liner. These are creamy and smooth on the skin and you get different kinds of shades to go for. You can get the perfect shade matching your brow hair and it would look great. They are the best alternative when you need a last-minute touch.

Lipliner as a Brow Pencil

2: Contour as an Eyeshadow

The contour palette that you would have matches the right kinds of neutrals that would look good on you. If you want to have a neutral look for your eye with the best neutral shades that would suit your skin color, instead of looking for a new eyeshadow palette you can go with your contour palette. They would make a great natural and minimalist look on your eyes. They are the perfect shade you can use to get that natural look.

Contour as an Eyeshadow

3: Eyelash Glue For Glitter

If you do not have glitter primer that is used on the skin so that the glitter sticks properly, then in place of it you can use your clear eyelash glue. This glue works the same way or similar way as a glitter primer and provides a better adhesive to hold the glitter on the lids for a long time. You can use this glue and stile glitter on any part of the face. One of the problems you might face is that you need to work fast with the glue as it drys pretty quickly.

Eyelash Glue For Glitter

4: Lipstick as a Color Corrector

You need to apply the color corrector to hide dark circles, pigmentation, and other things on the face. Usually, people use a red color corrector and if you do not have the product with you, you can go for the right lipstick instead. Red lipstick works similarly and provides you with the right kind of results when used as a corrector. You need to apply it to the skin and then cover the area with a foundation or concealer.

Lipstick as a Color Corrector


5: Eyeshadow on Lips

This one is a bit unique and helps in achieving the right kind of lip color you are going for the look. If you are looking for metallic lips for the look, you can use metallic eyeshadows and apply them to the lips. Before using the eyeshadow you need to apply either a lip balm or lipstick for the application. You can change your lipstick into a matte by applying a similar shade of eyeshadow over the lipstick. Eyeshadows can be used in many ways one of them being used as lipstick.

Eyeshadow on Lips


These are some of the thinking out of the box and using the products available to you at the moment and utilizing them to the maximum. No need to worry when one of your products gets empty, there are other alternative options that you can use instead. You need to know about these so that you get to use them when in an emergency such as you do not have the required product. Do not use them regularly as they might not be healthy for that part of the face. If they are suitable for that area of the skin then go on and start with your makeup. Add more creative ways of using these products.


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