Are you going for your next manicure and are confused about what type of nails you should get or if you are going for your first manicure and are looking for different kinds of shapes that you can get for your nails then this list is the one for you. Some shapes would make your hand look thin while others can make them appear round. Thus it is important to know about different kinds of nail shapes so that you can get the one that suits your hand and would elevate the look of your hands. You need to get the best shape that would flatter your hands and take care of your cuticles as well. Here is a list of nail shapes that you should know about.


1: Round-shaped nails

This is a simple and sweet style of nails that you can get if you prefer short nails. This is done by shaping your nails in a round shape and taking proper care of your cuticles. This shape makes your nails strong as it prevents them from breaking. You can get this share done at any nail salon. Get pretty colors to go with the shape and decorate your nails. If you are having short round nails then you can get cute small nail art done on them.

Round-shaped nails

2: Square-shaped nails

Square nails are a bit of a stylish style that needs little maintenance. If you want to have a stylish nail shape but at the same time want them to incline towards the natural side then you can have square-shaped nails. It looks great and is easy to look after. You can get this shape if you want to keep your nails short. One thing that you would like to keep in mind is that this shape might make your hands look short or even chubby. You might need to try a fake nail before finalizing this shape.

Square-shaped nails

3: Almond-shaped nails

Let us make your hands look great and your nails trendy and stylish. This is the shape that you get to make your hands look longer and thinner. These nails are in a shape similar to almonds and thus the name. You can get different types of nail paints on them and can even get some nail art done on them. They look great and make your hands look great as well. They might be a bit difficult to maintain if you have long nails but you can use some nail strengthener to make them stronger.

Almond-shaped nails

4: Coffin-shaped nails

These nails are also known as ballerina’s nails. People with long and strong can go for this shape or you can get this shape with the help of fake nails or acrylic nails. This shape is as the name suggests a shape similar to the coffin, they are extremely famous and look great on every kind of hand, slim, slender, chubby, and small. You can get these nails and get them styled in any nail paint. This nail shape has a feminine touch to it.

Coffin-shaped nails

5: Oval-shaped nails

This name shape has a feminine touch to it and can be said to be one of the famous shapes people go for. This is for long nails and can even make your hands look longer. You can go for this nail shape if you have long nails and if you want to add a slim appearance to your hands. Adorn your nails with some embellishments and designs with nail art and also add rings to your hands.

Oval-shaped nails


It is important to take proper care of your nails and make sure that they are healthy and in good shape. You can get your manicure done at a salon or can look for ways to do it yourself at home. This way you get to learn how to take care of your skin and also how you can make sure that your nails are in the shape you like. You can also experiment with your nails and create new and different looks with them. When you are getting your nails done at the salon you can select from the various options available to you when it comes to nail designs and nail art.


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