Swimming makes people feel fresh and relaxed. It can be used as an exercise to stay fit or as a hobby to pass some time and relieve some stress. Either way, swimming is a refreshing activity to do. But with swimming comes the chlorine water that can damage the hair and cause them to be rough and dry if not taken proper care of. It is important to have a proper hair care routine if you swim regularly to make sure your hair is not dry or damaged. You should have a before going to swim care routine when you are swimming and an after-swimming care routine to take good care of yourself.


Here are some of the ways you can take care of your hair and make sure your hair is soft and healthy.


1: Leave-in Conditioner

Before going swimming you should clean yourself up and wash your hair. If possible oil your hair before you go swimming as the oil in your hair would act as a protective layer and would prevent a lot of chlorine from getting into your hair and damaging it. You can also apply the leave-in conditioner on your hair before you go and swim as it will create a layer between the chlorine present in the water and your hair and prevent it from damaging it.

Leave-in Conditioner

2: Hairspray Before

If you are swimming outside under the sun it is important to apply a sun-protectant hairspray that will protect your hair from the harmful rays of the sun and keep your hair healthy and hydrated. These harmful rays of the sun can cause your hair to get frizzy, dehydrated, damaged, and rough. To avoid these hair problems you should put sun protectant hair spray before going out in the open and swimming.

Hairspray Before

3: Swimming Cap

If you are going swimming, try to put on the swimming cap as often as possible. This swimming cap is a must when you are swimming in order to protect your hair. This cap keeps the water away from your hair and keeps your hair dry when you are swimming. This minimizes the chlorine reaching your hair and thus protects your hair. This helps in keeping the hair as dry as possible during the swim. If you are not comfortable wearing a swimming cap, then you can tie your hair with a hair tie on the top of your hair to prevent them from getting wet.

Swimming Cap

4: Wash Hair Afterwards

After swimming, it is important to wash your body properly to remove any remaining chlorine from your body and also the other chemicals present in the water. A good clean-up is a must after swimming, no matter if you swam in a pool or in the open like the seashore, beach, etc. with this you also need to clean your hair when you are showering and make sure to apply a good amount of conditioner after swimming to make the hair smooth and soft and conditioned. Chlorine water tends to dry the hair out.

Wash Hair Afterwards

5: Avoid Hair Dryer

After washing up after swimming you wish to use a hairdryer to dry your hair but instead of a hairdryer, use a towel or let your hair air dry. Hairdryers use hot air to make your hair dry and this in turn damages your hair making them dry and rough. So it is better to air dry your hair or to use a towel and dry your hair with it. This lessens the damage and makes your hair look good and healthy.

Avoid Hair Dryer

It is important to take good care of your body after you swim because the chlorine present in the water might dry your skin. So after the shower, always moisturize your skin and condition your hair. This way your skin and hair won’t get dry and stay hydrated. Swimming is a great activity to relax or to keep one active. But with this activity, you need to keep good care of your hair to make sure you enjoy swimming without feeling like you are damaging your hair.

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