We have all been through bad nails in our lives and that is because we seem to ignore their health. We bite our nails, don’t keep them clean, or just skip washing our hands sometimes. Although many of these habits are hard to let go of, these still stand as being important for the hygiene and health of your nails. If you are struggling with bad-looking nails, you are probably ignoring the needs of your nails and cuticles.


We are sure that if you are continuing with the following habits, the appearance of your hands will be compromised and you will be prone to injuries and further inconveniences. So let us have a look at these bad nail habits to say goodbye to!


  1. Nail-Biting

The nail-biting habit is hard to get rid of. All of us have gone through that phase once or twice or have continued the legacy for too long. There is no doubt that you have been killing it, killing your nails. You most likely have your nails in bad condition. Your cuticles do need some love and to bite them off is a bad idea always. So if you are stuck with this habit, work on some tactics to get rid of the extra torture you’re extending to your beautiful hands.


  1. Picking Dry Cuticle

Once we decide to pick a dry cuticle, there is no going back! Beware of those tiny cuticle flies that might look okay to pick a fight with but have a long-term impact. Many times, pulling these only brings out more fresh flesh with the dry one. Stop! If these have been troubling you, take out a fine clean pair of scissors and cut the dry cuticles off neatly. Give your teeth and nails a break because constant picking will make your hands look damaged and they will not heal in time.

Picking Dry Cuticle

  1. Not Moisturizing Enough

Enough moisturization always helps your hands look better and not feel rough. You may find the tip of your nails or its sides a little on the dry side than usual if you haven’t been moisturizing well. This is your sign to pick up moisturizing that goes throughout the day and makes your hands soft. Drink enough fluids so your nails become healthier, shinier, and less brittle. Easy tip and universally favorite!

Not Moisturizing Enough

  1. Filing Enamel Top

Enamel is the most important part of your nails that easily tells you if things are going fine in your system. Over-filed enamel becomes weak, brittle, and prone to severe damage. Tell your nail artist to go easy on your nails. Pick those nail art designs that don’t require much filing when they are either put on or taken off. Remember that the natural top layer of the enamel is its very beauty.

Filing Enamel Top

  1. Keeping Them Long and Dirty

Long nails are cute and fancy but if they are dirty, they can make one puke! Proper hygiene is a must no matter what and if you are neglecting the health of your nails, you are probably inviting infection, which will damage your hands further. Don’t skip on keeping your nails clean in and out when you can have bright-looking nails all day long.

Having long nails comes with problems like dirt getting stuck in the corners.

Keeping Them Long and Dirty

So here is the list of things you should not be doing to your nails to get healthy nails. Also, you will have to keep your body’s overall health in check to avoid unexpected expressions on your nail enamel because mostly, they mirror your health accurately. These nail care tips will guide you well so you no more ignore your nails. Start now, give yourself some time, and indulge in moisturizing them however you like. Put some oils around those nails and make them feel loved too. Don’t just begin biting. It will destroy the nail shape and the cuticles together!

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