Best Skincare Tips for Fall/Winter Season

Best Skincare Tips for Fall/Winter Season

Best Skincare Tips for Fall/Winter Season


Skincare essentials everyone’s call. The skin’s various needs alter with even slight changes in the weather. What must one do to keep the chilling effects at bay during the fall or winter season? Here, we will understand what cold days have in store for our skin and if there are adverse things to expect, then what steps will help you out the best way.

The winter season can be a little too much for the skin, not from the sunny perspective but from the moisture level perspective. We will understand how and the best tips for the upcoming season. Stay put!


  1. Moisturizer and Balms

The routine is somewhat altered as the winter season approaches but what things change exactly? Moisturizers stay with you all year but here, you need to have a thick moisturizer by your side that locks in moisture and does it for a longer duration of time. The skin tends to lack more moisture during cold days and because of this, the skin might look flaky and textured. We don’t want that. Also, for those areas of skin that are extra sensitive, thicker creams or balms come in handy to keep the top layer moist.

Moisturizer and Balms

  1. Water, Water, and More Water

Yes, this is still a big factor that plays important in deciding the fate of your skin during winter or fall weather. Drinking more and more water will help you stay hydrated and less scorched when you go out. Your body temperature will be better regulated and hence your skin will feel joyous. Also, when you are layering products in your winter skincare regimen make sure you wash your face well, then incorporate some form of stem alternating with water-based serums and thick-textured moisturizers so that the products penetrate deeply and give a moisture dose.

Water, Water, and More Water

  1. Hot Water?

Hot water doesn’t sit well with skin health. But this part is inevitable because the weather can be too testing for some people in some corners of the world. Well, even if you find yourself dependent on hot water, you still can save your skin from becoming scorched and dehydrated afterward by putting on a soft moisturization all over the skin while it is still moist. This will not allow your skin to dry up and the water droplets would help penetrate the moisturizer.

Hot Water?

  1. Steam Bath

A steam bath once in a while only makes things easier for you. Not only does one enjoy the warmth but the skin becomes supple and cleaned through exfoliation while steam bathing. This step is optional but could be used easily for the overall health of the skin. While the steam begins to dry off your skin, you can begin applying thick moisturizer all over and prepare your day with an energized being.

Steam Bath

  1. Minimal Exfoliation

With all the woolen clothing dictating our existence, the skin loses more moisture and turns flaky. We see the white dead skin flaking off too often than we see in the summer season. Well, not going aggressive with exfoliation is a great way out. Little exfoliation with much frequency happens to help skin turnover better and will also not make your skin feel tight and dried out. Over-exfoliation leads to dry skin and irritation.

Minimal Exfoliation

If you are through with these, you will be least likely to catch up with unwanted infections and irritation.

Even the most tiresome of skincare routines will not give an adequate resolution to your skin concerns if not approached the right way. An effective and thoroughly planned skincare focuses on dealing with problems in and out and hence a holistic approach to fall skincare is presented in the aforementioned points. You will be more effectively retaining moisture on your skin through proper intake of water and topical application of moisturizer. This should just dictate your skincare for the rest of the colder months. Follow these steps for a smooth winter outlook and enjoy being fresh all day.

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