Amazing things you can do using a foot cream

Amazing things you can do using a foot cream

When it comes to beauty products, your makeup products certainly wins a big time for being a great multitasker and extremely versatile. The skincare line might not have as many versatile products as the makeup line does, but it definitely comprises a few products that can serve a lot more purpose than you can imagine. While there are quite a few such products to name, today, we will be discussing about the hidden uses of a foot cream whose main purpose is to keep your feet happy, soft, and hydrated. The skin on your feet is very different from your skin on the face, and for that reason, you require different creams for different parts of your body. Since the skin on your feet is a lot thicker than your facial skin, you should only use those creams that are thicker and creamier and not some regular face cream that is very light in texture.
A foot cream is one of the essential skincare products, and not many people are aware of all the great things it can do besides keeping your feet soft and hydrated. If you are someone who believes in making the most out of any product and love using versatile products, you might wanna read the article below where we have jotted down a list of 4 different ways to use a foot cream.

Works wonderfully as a soothing cream

Most foot creams are packed with natural and nourishing ingredients that not only help to keep your feet baby soft and hydrated but serve a lot of other purposes as well. It works excellently as a soothing cream, which can be used to treat a bug bite, bruise, or even a burn. The ingredients present in the cream accelerate the healing process and help to get your skin back to health. Other than that, it also helps to skin infections, which is another plus point.

Helps to keep your hands nourished

The skin on our hands is a lot drier than the rest of our body, and that can be attributed to various elements or factors our hands are subjected to on a daily basis. Hands get exposed to water several times throughout the day, and that can leave them pretty dry, and to make up for the dryness, most people use nourishing hand creams. If you happen to run out of one, you can use your foot cream as a hand balm; it will do a pretty nice job to provide moisture and nourishment to your dry hands.

Provides some relief from sinus

Sinus can be terrible and extremely uncomfortable or painful, to say the least. However, you can alleviate the pain by using one of your foot creams. Most foot creams are known to contain eucalyptus, lavender, and peppermint as one of the core ingredients, and if you are not aware, these strongly aromatic ingredients help to soothe the body. If you happen to have a runny nose, you can rub some foot cream on your chest, and it will certainly help you feel a lot better.

Use it as a lip mask

It may sound a little bizarre at first, but believe us, a foot cream works wonderfully as a lip mask. If you are dealing with dry and chapped lips, you might find some relief in a foot cream. Given the number of nourishing ingredients it contains, you can use your foot cream as a lip mask, and it will do the rest of the job. Apply the foot cream to your lips, and after keeping it on for about 10 minutes, wash it off with a warm washcloth.

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