Make the most out of this lockdown by reaping these beauty benefits

Make the most out of this lockdown by reaping these beauty benefits

No matter how frustrated you might have felt during this whole lockdown, you can’t deny the fact that this period has certainly helped you evolve as a person in several ways. This lockdown period was a kind of an eye-opener for us and taught us things that have changed our approach towards life. Time-killing activities have now become hobbies, and maintaining hygiene has become a habit. While the initial days of the lockdown went pretty well, given we keep ourselves occupied trying new recipes, doing daily chores, binge-watching shows, and not to mention, working from home, however, it all has turned very basic and mundane now. But there is one thing we are forgetting about and, i.e. our hair and skin. Believe it or not, but your hair and skin have probably reaped the maximum advantage in this lockdown, considering you have been cooped up inside your home for days, which means less exposure of harmful UV rays, pollution, dirt, and other environmental aggressors.
When the pros of staying home are this good, we certainly don’t mind staying inside even for longer as long as it’s benefitting us.

Extra sleeping hours

Since most of us are working remotely from home, commuting won’t be a problem, at least for some time, and another great advantage of not having to go to the office is not worrying about getting ready and spending extra time doing makeup or looking for the best outfit for yourself. All the spare time you have got can be utilized in the best way by getting extra hours of beauty sleep, which is crucial for the overall health of your skin. A good night’s sleep also means feeling more energized, and you can make the most out of it by being extra productive during the day.

You can let your skin breathe

Since you will be staying at home for the most time, there’s no use of wearing makeup. You can make the most out of this lockdown period by keeping your skin makeup-free and allowing it to breathe, which eventually will help in improving your skin’s overall health. And we are just talking about your makeup routine and not your skincare routine; therefore, make sure you take care of your skin by using the essential skincare products daily.

Experiment with DIY hair masks

Now that you have got all the time you want, make sure to utilize it in the best way and reap maximum advantages out of it by taking extra care of your hair, which probably gets less attention than your skin. You might already have noticed some change in the way your hair looks and feels, and that’s because of the reduced use of heat styling tools and less exposure to harmful components. The best way to add some life to your hair and get it back to health is by using DIY hair masks. Use the natural ingredients from your kitchen and experiment with those DIY hair masks that can make your locks stronger, healthier, and shinier.

You can follow an elaborate skincare routine

Dedicating time to your skin and following a proper skincare routine was a real task before the lockdown, everything used to be done in haste. But no anymore, now that you don’t have to worry about reaching the office or boarding a train or bus on time, you can spend some extra time with your skin. A skincare routine varies largely from person to person, and if you have always wanted to follow an elaborate one, but couldn’t do so due to time crunch, now is the time you make it possible. Other than CTM, invest in other skincare products such as face serums, face masks, and eye cream, add them to your everyday routine to change your skincare game.

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