An easy guide to embracing the skinimalism trend

An easy guide to embracing the skinimalism trend

Skinimalism is one of the latest talks of the town, and it is one of the hottest topics in the beauty realm. Skinimalism is a major skincare trend that has been garnering a lot of attention at the moment. The trend focuses on encouraging women to embrace and flaunt their bare skin with confidence. Since a lot of us spent the majority of our time inside our homes, we get to pay more heed to our skin’s needs and concerns. And when it comes to skin, the choice of skincare products matters the most, so it made sense to start with the products you put on your face and learning about the ingredients present in them.

While 2020 wasn’t the year we expected it to be and was quite rough, we got a chance to pamper our skin with extra TLC and reevaluate everything that concerns our skin. The idea behind the skinimalism trend is to educate the masses and make them realize about the importance of building a skincare routine that should compromise three different approaches- informed decision, minimal skincare products, and result-oriented regimen. Basically, this whole idea suggests ditching overhyped and chemical-laden products and including fewer, but ingredient-rich products in the routine for glowing and healthy skin.

We have listed all the different ways you can hop onto the skinimalism trend.


Face yoga

Face yoga or facial yoga exercises isn’t entirely a new trend, women from across the world have been practicing it for years, and it is one of the main keys to youthful and healthy skin. It was only recently that face yoga gained so much popularity, and that has everything to do with its effectiveness. Face yoga is all about making tons of different expressions that help to boost blood circulation and tone your facial muscles. The best thing about this method is it doesn’t cost you a single buck; you can achieve soft, supple, and glowing skin for free by doing facial yoga daily.


Using tried and tested products

Including n number of skincare products isn’t the right way to achieve the skin of your dreams. Your skincare routine doesn’t have to be elaborated or complicated; keeping it simple and basic will prove to be more fruitful for you. Aside from incorporating only a couple of skincare products in the routine, the skinimalism trend also suggests using only those products that have given you the desired results in the past. If you have a detailed skincare routine, then you need to narrow it down to basic and essential skincare products like cleanser, toner, moisturizer, sunscreen, and one or more serums that you know have worked for you earlier.


DIY skincare

Thanks to the lockdown, we got to try out different skincare hacks at home, and most of them revolved around natural DIYs. And the best part of these natural DIY skincare hacks was they were made using ingredients that are readily available in the kitchen. The skinimalism suggests continuing this in 2021 as well. Why use store-bought face masks when you can easily create one at home using natural ingredients? This way, you will also be fully aware of the ingredients you are putting on your skin, thereby reducing any chances of skin complications.


Minimal makeup

Your skin finds it really hard to breathe underneath the layers of makeup products, therefore, you should take a pledge this year to keep your makeup to minimal and only opt for a full face of makeup when it’s actually necessary. Use makeup products that provide a sheer coverage and a hint of color. The lesser makeup products you use, the natural and easy your skin will feel and breathe.

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