Disney World Inspired Wedding Gowns

Disney World Inspired Wedding Gowns

It was such a piece of wonderful news to hear that the fantasy wedding gowns are now turning into reality. I believe that every girl since their childhood would have imagined being dresses like Disney characters when they are grown up. The beauty and beast, belle wedding gown was one of my favorites. Well, finally someone has taken a step to fulfill our fantasy. They took the challenge and presented us with the beautiful wedding gown resembling the outfits of these timeless beauties. We will discuss with you the looks and design of these gowns one by one.

Ariel: The Mermaid

According to myth mermaid are the most beautiful creatures on the earth. They are not only attractive but holds such a voice that can mesmerize any human being. The wedding gown based on this character does the same to the human race.  The off-shoulder perfect fit gown will surely cut a dash. It is something that will add focus to every inch of your upper and lower body as it is a body fitted gown. However, the flair start from the knee and followed ahead till the toes. The dress is perfect for those who wish to have a little fitting and similarly have flares in the dress which will give volume. Since the wedding is a celebrating occasion, dancing is a must. The flares below the knee will give you space to move your legs freely while dancing. You can also add a net cap followed by your neck.


Snow- white
Snow-white wedding gown was my favorite of all, the fluffy sleeves with gloves a never-ending veil from head. It seems like an ideal wedding dress. There are so many flare to the dress from the waist, which makes it appear bulky and heavy. This is an actual fairy tale dress that looks somewhat like a ball gown. The skirt of this dress will begin from your waist and add more and more volume with its fall. The similar-looking gowns are worn by many celebrities and the royal duchess as well as princess. I believe this dress gives a princess look to every girl getting ready to be wed.


Tiana: Princess And The Frog

The frog princess wore an A-line dress that falls straight, the body fit is given to the upper half and the rest is left natural to flow. This dress combines a sheath style and a ball gown comprised to form a wedding gown. The dress has a perfect upper body fit and the lower body is covered with the flares of the dress. The dress has laced net all over it. The upper half is totally covered in net and as the dress falls the lowers half becomes less embroidered but spreads to covers more area.


Belle: Beauty And Beast

She wore sweetheart neck, which was body huggie and dress was embroidered from neck to the length. The inspired dress has a lot in similar, the neckline and the back design of V shape, this is something too elegant yet hot. The structure of the dress is like, a body fitted blouse along with flares and flares of the skirt in the back. The dress is perfect for a person who likes to show a slim look in the front and add a look like a torso in the end.



Cinderella is the most lovable character of all. The girls admire her for facial features and the jolly nature of this Disney character. Many are inspired by the bravery of this character and fall in love with her at a young age. Naturally, her wedding dress is something most wanted by the girls since their early childhood. The Cinderella dress was somewhat the ball gown look. The dress has a long flowing cape, with a floral pattern on the borders and a dense look in the end.

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