Weddings are one great way for people to assemble together, socialize with each other, and bestow their blessings upon the bride and the groom. While it makes for a great get together kinda occasion, there’s something that every person should take care of when attending a wedding as a guest, and that is wearing the right outfit. While we have come a long way from that era where people used to be quite considerate of what the guests will wear and for that reason they used to set a few rules for their guests. But that’s not entirely the case today as the couples have become more progressive than they used to be, giving the guests the freedom to dress up the way they want, but that still doesn’t mean you will wear anything you like. There are some certain set of fashion rules that one must follow not only to be respectful towards the ceremony but the couple as well. Now without any further ado, let’s learn about a few fashion rules that every woman must follow when attending a wedding as a guest.

Avoid wearing white

White color is something that holds great importance for the bride as she most probably will be wearing a white-colored dress for her wedding. It’s better to ditch this color completely; instead, go for neutral shades if you want to wear something really light. However, be careful of what color you are choosing, for instance, any color that is even slightly similar to white must be avoided like really pale blue, off white, cream, etc. Let the bride be the one gleaming in that white outfit as it is her day to shine bright in white.

Wear chic trousers instead of jeans

While we understand comfort must be everything for you, but when it comes to weddings, you just cannot put on the most casual outfit of yours like jeans. This won’t only look indecent but will also make you grab all the attention for all the wrong reasons. Instead, you can simply opt for chic trousers that not only look incredibly elegant but stylish as well. You can either coordinate it with the same blazer or you can choose to buy things separately and then team together for a final touch.

Follow the dress code if any

No matter how excited you are to wear that favorite dress of yours, but if it doesn’t match the dress code the couple has decided for everyone, then sadly, you will have to resist the urge of wearing that dress. For instance, a backyard wedding usually calls for a low-key dress, so it would be better if you dress up accordingly and not wear ball gowns or anything sort of that to such weddings. This won’t only be appropriate but will also reflect your respect towards the couple. You can opt for a mini dress that falls just above your knees to such weddings.

Rips and holes are a big no

Going edgy with your outfit won’t do any good to you; in fact, it is only going to attract unnecessary attraction, which definitely shouldn’t be the case. Whether the rips and holes are intentional or unintentional, you shouldn’t be exposing your skin just like that only. Instead, you can opt for dresses with a chic and stylish cut out like on the neck, sleeves, back, legs, etc. Doing things this way won’t only look appropriate but will also serve your purpose of wearing a dress with stylish cutout.

Don’t wear anything too casual

Keep the casuals aside for another day and wear the newest and gorgeous outfit of yours to the wedding. It’s not every day you will get to dress up fancy, so when you have an excuse, make the best use out of it and put some efforts to dress yourself up. If dresses aren’t your cup of tea, then you can always rely on some fancy pants like cigarette ones paired with a well-structured blazer and a stunning pair of heels.

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