Stylish ways to amp up your jeans outfit in 2020

Stylish ways to amp up your jeans outfit in 2020

The New Year is all about a fresh take on everything, be it your clothes, shoes, accessories and even fashion trends for that matter, there’s always an upgrade every year. While new trends are an intriguing way to incorporate into your personal style, but that doesn’t mean you will be bidding adieu to your favorite wardrobe classics. Classics are classic for a reason, and no matter what style comes and goes, some classic pieces will always remain our favorite and an absolute lifesaver. And speaking of classics, there are many such pieces that deserve a big shoutout, but today we will be discussing jeans, which we may tell you is an ultimate clothing piece to rock this season, especially during winters. However, just to go with the vibe and the feels of the new year, taking these jeans ahead in the game with a refreshing touch is what that will do the trick. And to give you some ideas and inspirations, we will be guiding you on how to wear your jeans in the most chic way with a breath of fresh air in the year 2020.

Go looser with your jeans.

While skinny jeans have an extremely sexy and flattering appearance to it but this year it was voluminous jeans that were dominating the fashion world, and this trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down in the year 2020 anytime soon. Basically, the roomier your jeans, the better it is. Some great examples of such jeans are boyfriend jeans and mom jeans. However, you can also go a little bigger than that to achieve the most forward look. For an additional punch, you can look for jeans that are ripped or torn from knees.  You can easily dress it up by wearing pointed toe stiletto with it, or you can dress it down by wearing sneakers with it.

Team it up with an oversized blazer

When it comes to pairing, jeans hold the ability to go with almost every single thing and that too, without looking overdone or tacky. One great combination is jeans and blazer, which looks every bit of chic and stylish. Even though this combination is super basic but every time it manages to grab the attention with how incredibly chic it looks. Blazers can literally give life to your jeans look in the most effortless way. No matter what jeans outfit you are carrying it with, a blazer will always add an additional punch to your look and will also make your outfit appear polished.

Wear it with square toe shoes

Square toe shoes are one of the hottest trends of the season, so you can never really go wrong with this pairing. Many people take their black jeans for granted, and it often is found lying in one corner of the wardrobe, but this year you can put it to use in the most appealing way, and that is by wearing it with square toe shoes/boots. Adding these boots to your look will instantly take your outfit to a brand-new level.

Go for a printed turtleneck.

Turtleneck and winters together go hand in hand as it not only keeps your neck warm but also adds a stylish flair to your look. And when it comes in printed form, then there can be nothing that can beat this look. Very easy and comfortable to style, this combination is a great outfit for you to rock on a brunch or even for a casual outing. Animal prints are undeniably the print of the season so you can start stylish by opting for turtleneck with animal prints like snake print or leopard print one.

Experiment with beige colored jeans

When it comes to jeans, the colors and washes are indefinite, but we girls only end up getting the very basic ones like black, blues, and whites. There’s a world beyond these that can look equally amazing and stylish. Whether in search to try something new or got tired of wearing the same basic washed jeans, there’s this one way that can help you work your way out with jeans, and that is by opting for ecru washed jeans. Shades of beige like ivory, cream, etc. look every bit of stylish when paired with neutral tones.

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