While we aren’t here to suggest whether or not you should drink, if you consider yourself a skincare enthusiast and care for your skin, then you should know one thing that drinking can lead to dehydrated skin. As surprising as it may sound, heavy drinking can leave your skin excessively dry, causing your pores and wrinkles to look more prominent. While one fun night of drinking might seem like a harmless thing to do, heavy drinking could actually affect you in more ways than one. Apart from messing with your system and causing a bad hangover the next morning, alcohol also affects your skin and leaves it dry, dehydrated, patchy, and tight. The reason behind the dryness is the removal of fluids from the body, which is caused due to heavy alcohol consumption.

Just two drinks are enough to turn your skin dry and dehydrated. Therefore, you can only imagine what heavy drinking would do to your skin. It’s completely fine to have one such drinking night every once in a while, but you should make sure to give your skin extra care in order to rehydrate it and bring it back to its optimal health.

Ahead, we have listed some tips for you that will help in rehydrating your skin after drinking alcohol.


Allow your skin to bounce back

The amount of time taken by your skin to bounce back depends on your age, the time factor can vary from person to person. Also, the extent of damage caused to your skin completely depends on the amount of time taken by alcohol to leave your system. You should put drinking on hold for a while in order to let your skin bounce back to its optimal health.


Rehydrate your skin

Since alcohol leaves your skin pretty dry, it becomes essential to rehydrate your skin, and there are quite a number of ways to make your skin feel rehydrated. One of the best ways to rehydrate your skin is by drinking plenty of water daily, and by plenty, we mean drinking 8-10 glasses of water every day. Including loads of fruits and vegetables in your diet, avoiding hot showers, and using a humidifier are some of the excellent ways to rehydrate your skin.


Apply moisturizer to your skin

Another excellent way to rehydrate your skin is by using a hydrating and nourishing moisturizer. A good moisturizer can bring your dry and dehydrated skin back to life. Therefore, you need to find a moisturizer that is suitable for your skin type and also contains cool ingredients like glycerine, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, ceramides, urea, etc. These ingredients will help in offering extra hydration to your skin. Also, doubling up on hydrating products won’t only help in keeping your skin well moisturized but will also keep wrinkles and dullness at bay.


Use a sheet mask

Sheet masks do a wonderful job of hydrating your skin and boosting its natural plumping power in an instant. Most sheet masks are loaded with several potent nourishing ingredients that help your skin in multiple ways. Additionally, sheet masks are super easy to use, you can use one in your free time or while relaxing. Apart from boosting your skin’s hydration levels, a sheet mask will also offer a cooling and calming effect to your skin.


Don’t forget your under-eye area

Considering the skin around your eyes is thin and delicate, it tends to get dehydrated more quickly. Doubling up on eye cream won’t only help to rehydrate the under-eye area but will also keep fine lines and dark circles at bay. Usually, your eye area is one of the first places to give away your hangover, therefore, you shouldn’t forget to care for your under-eye area after drinking alcohol.

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