Summer dressing can be cool, relaxing, and comfy. It a season of ice creams and shakes of the juicy fruits. If you have to dress up without shoes for summers then dressing in the pants is not for you. You need to try something comforting and that makes you look appealing all the time. We will discuss with you some of the street style dress that can be your pattern to the vacation or dinner outing but wouldn’t be appropriate for office wear or other formal occasions. Therefore, let’s get started with outfit discussions.

Monochromatic Look

If you try dressing in white look for summers then you will be dazzling the streets with your brightness. Of course, a pure white outfit can be tricky if you frequently fall things while eating; in that case, try dressing in other colors such as the color of the sea. These are totally sea colors and have a pleasing effect on your personality. Since it is a light shade you can pull off this outfit with all the summer long. You can wear the same color heels or flip flops with this dress or you can go for nude heels although it will not be monochromatic then. So you can wear a white shirt with white pants and walk down the street. These are basic and most of us have them in our wardrobe.

Pinstripe Pattern


If you are not into patterns, and just like to buy solids all the time then you need to experiment with patterns, and pinstripe is a classy pattern. This is the first pattern you need to experiment with, it will work well with all the solids you have stored in the closet. You can get flared or skinny legging in this pattern anything you like. This pattern looks cool in all possible colors if you are working professional then you need to invest in dark blue or black stripes pattern. This can be made into something casual as well as formal depending upon how you are styling it and what accessories are you pairing your outfit with. If you have already the black pinstripes then get yourself colorful strips pants or top and wear it with any solid.

Halter Tops and Shorts

If you have an athletic body then halter tops look really amazing on you especially, if the beauty bone is being highlighted. You can wear a top which has flowing sleeves or any other highlight. It isn’t necessary that you need to wear a halter top, a boat neck, or an off-shoulder top can be your go-to look. The frills can be the highlights of this top or a front bow can also be the thing you need. You can tie your hair in a ponytail or bun. Dress them as you like but to keep the shoulders highlight you must keep the hair tie in any manner. Finally, you can wear flip flops and heels in your toes as per your comfort.

Tee with Flared Skirt

The tee with a flared skirt, or pants is a casual and summer refreshing dress. You can wear it casual plain tee with printed bottom or you can wear a graphic tee with a plain flared skirt. This can be worn with a shirt if you like but tee work best for casual dressing. The shirt can point at a confusing look for certain individuals. However, it is the 21st century and you can wear anything you like. You can wear loafers or block heels with this outfit if you like. Keep your hair open and carry a sling along with it. This can be a cool outfit to wear during the day for a casual outing or if you are meeting your friends for an evening coffee.

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