If you’re sitting by a window indoors or spend most of your time indoors and you think you can skimp on SPF you’re definitely mistaken. Sunscreen is the most important step of your skincare regime and if by any means you tend to skip it you are making all your skincare products trash. It’s really important to wear sunscreen when you step out of the house but it’s even more important to slather on an effective sunscreen when you’re indoors.

It’s the most common misconception that you don’t need to wear sunscreen when indoors but if you’re working indoors you still need a full dollop of sunscreen to be applied. The windows can block UVB rays from entering inside but what about the more dangerous UVA rays which penetrate the deeper layers of your skin making it prone to the signs of aging such as dark spots, wrinkles, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation. So, sunscreen is definitely useful even when you’re inside.

The feed will explain to you why you still need sunscreen indoors. So, you’re clearly informed about why you’ve to use it.

The Spectrum of Light-

The spectrum of light is not confined to beach sunburn, it includes all many different forms of lights that damage your skin and which you can come in contact with indoors also. Hence, it becomes very important for you to protect your skin with an effective sunscreen. The spectrum of light includes mainly four types of damaging lights:

UVB which you mainly experience when you step out of your house. These lights are associated with sunburn and tan. UVB lights even cause skin cancer. Hence, wearing sunscreen before stepping out should be a ritual.

Next comes UVA lights the lights are a more dangerous form that penetrates to the deeper layer of the skin making your skin prone to the signs of aging and these lights are not something you encounter outside your house as they can even reflect through your glass panels thus it becomes clearly advent that wearing sunscreen indoors is your smart move.

HEVL also known as Blue lights

These lights are transmitted through electronic devices such as televisions, computers, and phones. It also penetrates to the deeper layers of the skin, damaging your skin and hence you can face a fair share of problems like hyperpigmentation and melasma.

IRA or infrared radiation- This kind of light you can’t see but can surely feel the warmth and it comes from both the sun and devices such as hair dryers and other heating devices you use. This light causes serious tissue damage to your skin.

Broad Spectrum-

Whether you’re using mineral or chemical-based sunscreen but you have to make sure whatever you use should be mentioned as “broad spectrum” sun protection. The broad spectrum states that it will protect you from all the forms of light which we discussed earlier. A sunscreen that is not labeled as broad-spectrum is just trash and will not provide you the real protection. And to seek the maximum protection from an SPF go for an SPF ranging somewhere between 30 to 50 as anything less than that will not cause you significant protection. Most importantly apply sunscreen after every two hours as no matter how much highly ranged SPF you use, its effect is reduced after two hours.

The Final Takeaways-

In conclusion, no matter if you’re stepping out of the house or whether it’s sunny outside or it’s raining and you’re indoors still you have to apply sunscreen. Even if it’s raining, the harmful rays are still shining. You don’t know what world of good an SPF can do to your skin therefore never dare to skip it!

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