Whether or not you’re a makeup fanatic, there might be a couple of makeup products in your vanity that you either don’t use or like. It is a problem with almost every girl who is into makeup and ends up buying products that are either rarely used or being avoided on purpose. Hoarding a lot of beauty products will always result in a lot of wastage and seeing your money go down the drain isn’t really the best feeling ever. In fact, it can be quite heartbreaking to throw your multiple unused, unopened, and expired makeup products in the bin on which you probably spent a heavy sum of money.

If you always feel guilty tossing your unused makeup products in the dustbin, then this article is just for you. It takes a creative mind to come up with genius ideas, and you can also channel your inner creator by repurposing some of your unused makeup products.

Ahead, we have put together a list of some ingenious ways to repurpose your unused makeup products.


Turn your eyeshadow into nail polish

It’s not necessary that all the colors in the eyeshadow palette will be equally liked by you, there will be some likable colors and some non-likable ones. If you don’t want to end up wasting those eyeshadow shades, then here’s an easy way to repurpose them. You can turn those shades into nail polishes. And in order to create nail polishes, you will need a clear nail polish and finely powdered eyeshadow. Mix the powdered eyeshadow with clear nail polish, shake the bottle, and there you will have a brand new nail polish.


Use translucent powder as a dry shampoo

If you happen to run out of your dry shampoo and are looking for an alternate way to fix your oily hair, then you might be able to take some help from your unused translucent powder. Pick some translucent powder on a brush and then dab it onto your scalp. It will help to absorb all the excess oil from your scalp just like it does to your skin. This amazing hack will come in super handy in case of emergency.


Brush your brows with an old mascara wand

If you have finished your bottle of mascara or the product has dried, then instead of tossing off the entire bottle in a dustbin, you should keep the mascara wand with you. You can use this mascara wand to brush or groom your brows, which means you won’t have to buy an eyebrow brush separately. But make sure to clean the mascara wand thoroughly before using it.


Make your lipstick work as blush

We often end up buying lipsticks that don’t look flattering on our skin tones, especially when it comes to bright shades. If you happen to own some shades of lipsticks that don’t look good on you, then you can make them work as blush. Some shades of lipsticks like purple, coral, and maroon can totally be rocked as blush; they will brighten up your skin in a jiffy.


Use lip balm as a cuticle cream

The lack of care and some annoying habits of yours can end up leaving your cuticles cracked and damaged. While using a cuticle cream is an easy and effective way to heal damaged cuticles, you can use your lip balm as an alternative to this cream if you happen to run out of it. Since lip balms are known to contain several nourishing and moisturizing ingredients, they do a wonderful job of treating and healing your damaged cuticles. Therefore, think twice before tossing your lip balm into the bin.

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