Life-changing micellar water hacks

Life-changing micellar water hacks

There are a few things in our vanity that can be never be replaced and micellar water is definitely one of them. Most often, this product gets overlooked, in favor of some other things that can help you remove your makeup. Micellar water is a wondrous product and this thing can be easily established from its magical property to excellently eliminate all the makeup, oil, dirt, sweat, and grime from your face. While micellar water rose to popularity for this particular reason only but it didn’t take long enough for people to recognize its other talents and uses that are not yet known to the entire world.
Micellar water can work above and beyond your expectations and it does a lot more things than you know. Wondering what they are? Don’t worry, we are going to list all the amazing hacks you can perform using this product and this shocking revelation might convince you into replacing your several skin care products with just one bottle of micellar water.

Post-gym refresher

Workouts can be very sweaty and gross at times. And while a shower may seem to be the best option to you (it actually is), if you are in hurry and don’t have time to take a quick shower then you can simply use your micellar water to remove dirt, sweat, and grime from your face in just a few seconds. This trick won’t only cleanse your face but will also make it look fresh. Also, after using micellar water, you no longer will need to rinse your face with water.

Clean makeup brushes

Makeup is cool and all, but do you know what’s the hardest part? Cleaning those makeup brushes off. As tempted as you may feel to continue working with the brushes that haven’t been washed for quite some time out of laziness, it’s always advisable to only use clean makeup tools on your face. Therefore, if you don’t want to end up getting acne break out on your face, always clean your makeup brushes and it will only take a few minutes especially when you’re using micellar water to clean them. Just pour some micellar water on a cotton pad or tissue and rub your brushes on it to get rid of all makeup residues or dirt and bacteria.

Cleaning your face


Some days can be too exhausting and if you don’t even have the energy to wash your face off, then you can simply use micellar water to get rid of makeup and dirt. Apply some amount of product on your face and wipe it off using a clean towel or tissue to achieve clean and fresh skin. It hardly takes a few seconds to a minute to follow this method.

Correct makeup mistakes

No matter if you’re a beginner or pro at applying makeup, mistakes can be made by anyone especially when they are done at the last minute. You obviously can’t wash your entire face off because of a tiny mistake that happened at the very last minute but you can use micellar water to correct that mistake of yours without making it seem obvious. For instance, if your mascara has smudged off and transferred to your lids then you can easily rectify the mistake by applying a little amount of micellar water on that spot and the stain will be lifted.

To subdue scent

Some perfumes can be too overpowering and sometimes it can also be a result of spraying too much perfume. Either way, if you happen to feel nauseated because of perfume then there’s a way you can subdue it. Just take a cotton ball soaked in micellar and dab it on the area where the perfume got sprayed excessively and it will easily lift the extra product and suppress the scent.

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