Scarves are probably one of those evergreen styles that haven’t lost their charm. They existed before us and will continue to exist even after us. Scarves are extremely versatile because you can just pick one random scarf, wrap it around your neck & boom- stylish chic look! Not much effort, not much investment; just ever-lasting style. So this is actually a magical accessory in every woman’s wardrobe. Now, with evolution in fashion and so many extended lines, scarves are not just limited to stoles and shawls. They have made their way into headbands too! Yes. Now headbands are not limited to a chunky piece of plastic with embellished jewels. A length of colorful or patterned cloth is wrapped around the band and comes in different styles like bandanas, square or rectangular scarves for your ultimate style.

Here are some of the most amazing ways to wear a headscarf to add a cool vibe to your look-


The easiest and casual way to wear a headscarf is this classic single knot style. On your bad hair days when oil is all over the scalp, you can use this scarf to the rescue. It is a very basic style to save you from looking sloppy in public. Just pick any square or rectangle scarf, wrap it in half and hold it on your forehead with both ends to wrap around the head and pull a knot at the back. Easy enough? This reminds us of the boho hippy look that cool bikers flaunt. But there is no patent that only they can pull off this look. Even you can! So whenever you want to hide what’s underneath the scarf, pick this style.


Just a reverse version of the classic single-knot style. The knot that you put at the back is supposed to come on the top of your head in this style. Now, this is not a streamlined look. It’s different when the knot comes on the top, thus transforming the overall look to something very stylish. Just take a thin scarf with floral or traditional pattern and put it around your neck with ends falling in the front. Then pull both the ends above on your head to tie a knot. You can tuck the ends back in the headband or let them loose too. this one has a chic factor to it. It will never flop your style.


We call it the 1950s housewife look because it is just so retro! This 1950s look is absolutely stunning when paired with the right apparel. When you plan on wearing boyfriend jeans or a nice sundress with strappy flats, this look will do the charm. And it’s very simple too. Just fold a scarf into half and drape it over your head a little bit on the side and create a nice funky bow with it. When you create a bow, you can leave the ends loose falling on your neck to give the perfect vintage look. Ends falling on the side of your neck reminds of 50s movies right. That’s the look we created!


The Rosette look is a bit harder to drape but totally worth learning. The word ‘Rosette’ means rose so this headscarf forms itself into a beautiful rose on your head. Looks very feminine and sophisticated. Simply just take a scarf and fold it into half. Then drape it on your head and hold the ends together to form a spiral. When the spiral is formed, wrap it into a bun just like you do with your hair. This will look like a rosette and in no time, you will be able to achieve this fabulous look. It sounds really easy but when you start doing it, it can totally mess you up. But practice makes it all perfect so just nail this one. Try every day!


The turban look is not just for the beach in the form of a bandana. You can pull it off when going for a casual brunch too. This one looks really cute and very easy to drape too. For a perfect turban headband, fold the scarf into half and place it on the back of your neck. Take the two ends and tie a knot in the front. Then take the loose ends to the back and tie a knot again. There will be a portion of the scarf unused in the front in the form of a triangle. Pick that and tuck it in the front knot. And it’s done!! As easy as it sounds, it’s even easier to drape. So the next time you go out, wear this look with danglers and you’re ready!

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