Sunglasses are a major part of our everyday life. They are stylish and come in varied designs so that we can add an edge to the outfit. We use them whenever we go out to add an attractive vibe to our personality. They are perfect for every event, every vacation, and outing because of so much color availability. Another thing we use as an everyday staple is eyeglasses. Wearing eyeglasses does not depend on a particular situation because they become our necessity. They are unavoidable and have to be worn no matter what to have a clear vision. And if you thought, this was your last resort to look fashionable, we can prove you wrong. You can look stunning with eyeglasses too and create a statement look. There are a lot of variations and designs in eyewear now that you’ll get tired choosing the right one but the options won’t end. Whether it is optical frames or fancy frames, they have the potential to give you a smart and sexy look.

Warby Parker is one such amazingly curated concept in eyewear that nobody could have thought about. Well, the designers at Warby bagged it! Warby Parker, as fancy as the name sounds, offers an extremely top-quality beautiful eyewear in countless colors and designs. They aim to bring to your notice the best of their creation and help you make an appropriate choice. Many of us feel like spending on eyewear is a waste of money because they are usually expensive. But with Warby Parker, you will be delighted to make a purchase because they have such affordable prices. Their ultimate aim is to make you feel happy and satisfied after buying new eyewear without burning a hole in the bank.

Warby Parker aims not only at its business strategies and sales but also towards customer satisfaction and charitable causes. The limited-edition pink Japhy frame which is designed for both men and women is beautifully crafted by them and then sold to support Susan G. Komen for Cure. They have tie-ups with many support groups one of them being a cause-oriented group called RestoringVision.org. Warby parker benefits them with their creations and makes sure its social responsibility is fulfilled. With plenty of eyeglasses frames in different styles, they have a complete guide for choosing the right one for you. The main features of Warby are listed below for your guidance-


  • Every pair of Warby Parker eyeglasses is anti-reflective because they add a coating to the lenses to reduce the reflection of any beam of light. This gives extra protection to the eyes.
  • The lenses and frames are scratch-resistant so even if you use them in a rough-tough manner, don’t worry because Warby Parker cares for you more than you do!
  • The lenses have the potential to block 100% of the UV rays. We wear eyewear to protect our eyes from dust, impurities and most importantly UV rays. Warby Parker’s creations do justice to this feature undoubtedly.
  • They have a range of classic lenses, blue-light filter lenses, and light-responsive lenses too.
  • They have assigned such fancy names to all the designs that you’ll definitely drool over them.
  • They have special edition and classics with flexible lens tilt to provide ultra comfort to those with low bridges, wide face structure, and visible cheekbones.
  • The price range starts at 95$ which is a cherry on the cake.

Men and women sunglasses are available in a variety of designs from solid color frames to patterned frames. Cat-eye frames, aviator frames, mini frames, and other countless designs are featured on the website. Eyewears are also categorized according to color, shape, fit, and material as desired by you. And they also come in fancy designs. Now you can flaunt your regular glasses in style too! Shop low bridge fit frames at Warby Parker which are specially designed for larger nose pads or curved temples. They hide your flaws and make you feel confident about yourself.

Warby Parker also offers an exclusive feature of Home Try-on where you are at the benefit of selecting five frames that you can test for 5 days. They ship them to you for free and you can conveniently try them at your home.

  • Pick 5 frames and they will mail them at your address. Try them for 5 days and make your decision.
  • If you like them, add them to your cart and make the purchase. They will ship you a new pair of what you have chosen.
  • Once your days are over, place your box back in the mail with the prepaid return label. It’s that easy!

If you can’t figure out what frame you want, take their online quiz, answer a few questions and you’ll have a list of the best-recommended glasses by their experts. Warby Parker has truly changed the way we looked at eyewear. They have done justice to the new era creations and we’re game for it!



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