Sometimes you all want to give break to your makeup routine. But, still want to look your best, right? Have you ever seen Dior models all have fresh and dewy skin but what if we tell you they don’t put a thousand things to look great rather invest in some key steps that are beyond the makeup products.
If we calculate on an average we spend 96 hours a month just on makeup which is kind of wasting 4 days. And, if we know these super cool hacks don’t you think you will utilize some of your hours in doing something else and this will also give your skin some relief!
From various models worldwide, we have gathered 5 super easy and cool hacks that give you the flawless skin without putting on too many products. If you want to know all the hacks, well, then, keep on reading!

Skin Prepping First

Skin prep is a comprehensive topic that includes many folds. We believe it’s the way how you prep your skin that makes your makeup look a hit or a miss!
Even if you’re going with natural makeup, glam makeup or simply no-makeup look, skin prepping is an inevitable step in each of the following.
And, for this look skin prepping is the foundation and how you will look will depend on how you will prep your skin. Skin prepping just not begins 15 minutes before the actual makeup but depends on how you’re treating your skin in general and if you really want to ditch the makeup products the quality of your skin solely depends on how you treat it an take care of it.
Step 1- use chemical-free products- harmful chemicals or harsh skin care products can damage your skin thus make sure you use natural cleansers.
Step2- Exfoliate your skin once a week.
Step3- Never skip a moisturizer even if you have oily skin. It’s like something you need to put twice every day.
Step 4- SPF is an absolute must.
Step5- Regularly remove facial growth.
So, these are some of the things that come under the head of skin prepping.

Take Care Of Your Teeth

The next important step when it comes to looking good without makeup is to have white teeth. This hack has been recommended by the majority of models from every corner of the world. A bright smile adds glam to the look and white teeth are something that makes you look super attractive. No one loves to look at the yellow and dirty teeth. So, make sure you clean your teeth regularly and get them whitened in case they are yellow.

Trim Your Eyebrows Regularly

If you have nicely trimmed and groomed eyebrows it’s like winning half the battle. Thick eyebrows can seriously render a youthful impact on the face. While some are blessed with it and for the rest filling the eyebrows with the one shade lighter than the natural shade is the key to make the eyebrows look thick and you look good even without any base on!

Accentuate Your Eyes



Make sure you’re taking proper sleep as even if you lie your eyes never lie. If you have dark circles filing them with the natural shade is no harm. If you want you can also put on coats of mascara to really accentuate and pop out your eyes.

Lips And Hair

Last but not the least, lips and hair can instantly refresh you even without doing much. Add a bright hint of color to your lips and style your hair nicely. If your hair needs to be trimmed or colored then go for it.

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