Pant trends that are the best alternatives to the jeans in your closet

Pant trends that are the best alternatives to the jeans in your closet

There are two types of girls in this world- one who is a pant person and the other who is a denim person, but there are also some people that enjoy wearing both of these articles equally. Both pants and jeans are chic and stylish in their own way, but today this article is all about pants, which is the latest talk of the town. Pants have never really got the same amount of attention as jeans get, they might not be everyone’s go-to option but give credit where credit is due, and pants certainly deserve to be highlighted. This wardrobe staple is making headlines at the moment, and we are spotting it bubbling up in the form of 6 new styles that are taking over our insta feed.

If you consider yourself a pant person at heart or just want to put your denim on hold for a while, then you definitely need to check this article out. Listed below are 6 pant trends fashion girls are obsessing over right now, and so are we.


Low-slung pants

Low-slung and baggy trousers are one of the hottest pant trends that dominated the spring runways. These low-rise, baggy pants look equal parts chic and comfy. That’s not it, you can style low-slung pants in a myriad of cool ways to create chic and fashion-forward looks.


Ribbed knit pants

Pants cannot get any comfier than this. Ribbed knit pants are the current talk of the town, and they have all the right reasons to be in the spotlight. While sweatpants have always been our go-to option when it comes to comfy clothing, ribbed knit pants look more elevated, and they certainly are the best alternative to boring sweatpants. The best part about ribbed knit pants is they might be the perfect lounge-worthy piece, but they can look more elevated and put-together by sporting them as a matching set or with a pair of sneakers.


Pants with funky prints

Who said pants always have to look simple and boring? The pants showcased on the runways suggested otherwise, and we definitely are liking the vibe of pants with funky prints. You can toss your basic pants aside because they are officially a thing of the past. Pants with prints like psychedelic swirls, cow print, and checkerboard are trending hard, and these prints are an impeccable way to add an interesting touch to the look without having to try too hard.


Leather trousers

Winters feel incomplete without including leather items in the wardrobe, and leather pants are definitely one of the wintertime staples. Leather trousers this year are unlike any other; they look more relaxed and feature a wide-leg fit that feels more relevant at the moment. Additionally, leather trousers are incredibly versatile in nature; you can style them in plenty of chic ways.


Utility-style work pants

Pants with super relaxed and slouchy fit always feel the comfiest to wear, and if you like wearing such pants, then you will definitely like having utility-style work pants in your wardrobe. For some reason, a lot of women like purchasing utility-style work pants from the men’s section, and this has a lot to do with the comfy nature of these pants. Thankfully enough, several designers and brands have come up with a line of women’s utility work pants that are best known for their cool slouchy fit.


Pants with cut out detail

One of the easiest ways to make a statement with your pants is by wearing the controversial built-in G-string pants. Nailing this trend is not everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s what makes this trend all the more exciting. Pants featuring cut out detailing and lingerie-inspired straps are expected to be everywhere in the coming months.

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