Shoe trends that will dominate spring 2021

 Shoe trends that will dominate spring 2021

I have too many shoes, said no woman ever. And we don’t really think there will come a day when any woman would openly admit that she does own a closet full of shoes. Given the diverse range of shoe styles, it certainly makes some sense why most women can’t keep themselves from buying a new pair every now and then. Accessories play a crucial role in jazzing up your outfit, and shoes definitely help to tie the whole look together and make your outfit appear more put together and elevated. Since we are about to enter 2021, it’s only fitting to discuss shoe trends that will be everywhere this spring.
While nobody has any idea what 2021 will look like, we certainly know of a couple of sartorial shoe trends that will define spring 2021, and this definitely is something that a lot of women are looking forward to. The shoe styles in question are equal parts stylish and practical, offering the best of both worlds. And it is quite rare to find a pair of shoes that are stylish yet practical. Therefore, you shouldn’t miss this golden opportunity.

Strappy sandals with tricky toes


Strappy sandals have always been one of the safest styles of shoe to wear with your outfits, and they will continue to be so, however, the recent makeover or shall we say update, given to these sandals have made us think otherwise. If the strappy details were not complicated enough, the designers decided to make the toes all the more tricky. You can find such shoes in a diverse range of options, and no matter which pair you decide to go with, your toes will end up being in a complicated situation.

Comfy thongs

Flip flops have been around for a while now, and they also made it to the list of trending shoe styles, but they have gotten a rather comfy update this year. Thongs with kitten heels and thin straps definitely grabbed the spotlight, but their reign has almost come to an end now, and they are now being replaced with super comfy and cushy thongs. These 2000s-inspired cushy thongs are expected to be everywhere this spring, and not only they are super comfy but also exude a whole vibe, which will work favorably for your outfits.

House slippers

Let’s be honest here, all we have been wearing at home is house slippers for the past few months, so it makes sense to buy a pair of house slippers that not only feels comfy but also looks cute. From faux fur slippers to satin slides, you have an array of options to choose from when it comes to buying yourself a pair of house slippers. Whether you choose to wear them at home and wear them outside while running some errands, your house slippers will have your back pretty much all the time.


Clogs aren’t necessarily the most stylish or chic-looking pair of shoes, however, they offer great comfort, which makes them a practical shoe style. Clogs have been reworked this year, and we personally feel that they look a tad bit cooler than their previous versions. So if you don’t already own a pair of clogs, now is the time to invest in them. In addition to offering comfort, they will also add a sense of style to your outfit.


Flatforms are one of those shoe styles that keep making a comeback year after year. And honestly, they have this whole different vibe, which makes them look incredibly amazing with almost every kind of outfit, including dresses, trousers, skirts, etc. Flatforms keep getting bolder, and that only works in their favor. From chain-adorned flatforms to leather flatform sandals, flatforms come in a wide range of chic options.

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