We all like to make some resolutions at the beginning of the new year, while some people are determined enough to follow through on their resolutions, some just break them the very next day of making them. Resolutions aren’t supposed to be just about life in general, they can be about anything. Some people like to make a resolution of eating a healthy diet and following the skincare routine religiously, which is great, but they shouldn’t forget their hair in the process. Hair care is as important as it is to care for your skin.

Almost half of your hair issues can be dealt with or eliminated for good by building an effective hair care routine. If you don’t already have a hair care routine, then you need to build it right away, and if you have one, then incorporating the following hair care practices will help in transforming your mane’s health, thereby making it easier for you to achieve the hair of your dreams.

Listed below are a couple of simple yet effective hair care tips that will help you achieve healthier tresses.


Care for your scalp

The scalp is an extended part of your skin, therefore, it needs as much care and attention as the rest of your body does. Your scalp has a direct impact on your mane’s health, if your scalp is unhealthy, then your hair will also be in the same state, and it won’t look strong and healthy. You need to build a scalp care routine, and one of the best products that can help in keeping your scalp healthy is a scalp scrub. Scrubbing your scalp twice a month will help you eliminate product build-up and impurities from the surface, thereby reducing the chances of stunted hair growth.


Do a cold water rinse

Hot water showers and baths may feel like absolute bliss in winters, but your hair doesn’t exactly have the same thought process. Washing your mane with hot water ends up removing natural oils and moisture from your locks, leaving them dry and brittle. For this reason, experts recommend washing the hair with lukewarm water. Additionally, rinsing your hair with cold water can be even more beneficial for your mane. Rinsing your conditioner with cold water not only helps to close the cuticles but also seals in the moisture.


Dry your hair using a cotton t-shirt

Most towels tend to have a rough texture, and rubbing them against your hair can damage your locks. Towels aren’t the best thing to dry your hair with, you can use a cotton t-shirt to remove excess water from your hair. Take any clean cotton t-shirt and wrap it around your head to remove excess water from your mane.


Purchase the right hair brush

The choice of your hair brush can make a huge difference to the health of your locks. It’s imperative to own the right kind of hair brush, using the wrong one can invite a lot of hair issues. Hair brushes come in different types; you should make the selection based on your hair type and the look you are trying to create. Synthetic fiber hair brushes are a suitable choice for girls with curly hair, whereas, a boar-bristle brush is an ideal choice for girls with fine hair as it helps to add volume to the mane.


Tie your hair with spiral hair ties

Tight hair ties put so much stress on your follicles, which eventually weakens them and leads to issues like hair fall and hair loss. Many girls use tight hair ties to keep their hairstyle in place, but it isn’t a wise decision to make. Unlike tight hair ties, spiral hair ties don’t lead to any kind of hair damage, additionally; they don’t leave behind an ugly dent and keep the hairstyle in place.

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