The most happening ways to style a jersey

The most happening ways to style a jersey

A jersey or football jersey is something each one of us has; either of our favorite sports teams or from the cheerleader team in college. This jersey is exceptional as it reminds us of our favorite players and favorite sport as well. If you have one and feel like wearing it for your next match outing or for a sporty event, then you are doing absolute justice to your thought process. Pick any of your jerseys from high school or college and flaunt them for your next outing. They look uber chic and there is no doubt about it! Check out the mist stunning ways in which you can style this football jersey and look ultra-cool.

Jersey and Shorts

The best way to add dimension to your sporty look is to wear a jersey itself. This jersey must be paired with the right bottoms because then it is able to come out as more sexy and stunning. If you pair this jersey with your shorts then no other outfit can match this look. It is definitely the coolest silhouette you will have. Pick your shorts in denim preferably and have them in a ripped style. With ripped style denim shorts, you can showcase a cool sporty look an can also show off your legs in the perfect way. Wear your sneakers along and look chic whenever you go out. This can be styled for your casual dates too.

Jersey and anti-fit Pants

Another way to flaunt that football jersey of yours is to wear a set of loose pants instead of shorts. If you do not like wearing shorts that much and the idea of showing off your legs does not sound appealing to you, then this pair of loose pants with a jersey will become your go-to look. These loose pants have anyway been trending for a long time now and no matter what you pair them with, they look flattering. But in such a case, you should make sure that this jersey is fitted and tucked in these loose pants. On the other hand, if you are pairing skinny jeans, then a loose jersey will do!

Jersey Dress

A jersey dress is the best way to look sexy and sporty at the same time. The thing is that any kind of dress that you pick for yourself has the potential to make you look stunning and stylish. This dress can be anything from a sheath dress to a bodycon dress to a flowing dress. But did you ever think that you can wear a jersey dress and still look flattering? Well, now you know. If you are not a big fan of pants and shorts, then this jersey dress will be your ultimate pick for the season. Every outing that you go to can be accompanied with this jersey dress and flaunt that style quotient. For a high-street look, you can pair it with knee-high socks or boots.

Loose jersey with long boots

Sounds sexy? Looks even sexier! The ultra-choc way to flaunt that baggy jersey of yours is to pair it with your knee-high boots. This set of boots has been ruling the fashion industry since forever and has made its way into complementing accessories. When we say complementing, it just means that this accessory has the power to upgrade your look. It can transform your look from drab to fab in no time and if you believe us, a loose jersey with bare legs and long boots is something unmissable. This is definitely the most eye-catching look one can have for her next outing. Simply team an oversized jersey with a pair of knee-high boots for an easy yet chic look.

Jersey with a jacket

Any jersey paired with a loose jacket is another way to give your cool and tomboy look a definition. If you think that this look will turn out to be a major silhouette for you, then it is absolutely true. This jersey paired with a loose jacket or a sweatshirt is definitely one of the best ways to flaunt that cool tomboyish look and show yourself as a bold and fierce lady. Wear this for a match night or for a casual lunch date. Pick long boots or sneakers- whatever you like. Everything looks ultra-flattering with jerseys. You can also pair a few accessories to create a dash of ladylike drama with the tomboy look.

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