Our face or visage is the first thing that a person will admire us for. Each feature on the face has its own importance but when it comes to eyes, they have to look fantastic. Wouldn’t you agree? If you are thin then you can look sleepless and tried most of the time; whereas, if your eyes are bright and shiny they can make you look refreshing and all attentive. So which look would you like on your face the thin eye or the big bold eyes? If you ask us then we will prefer to have big bold eyes all day long. So, let’s share some secrets with you on how can you make your eye look bigger and better.


The main thing that can make your face look similar or poles apart is the shape of your brows. They have to be equal to each other. If the arch of one brow is lower than another one, you are matching the sides of your face. There are brow gel and pencils that you can use to make them look alike. However, the trick of the soap bar is something that has worked perfectly for many women. There is no harm in trying a clear bar with a spoolie to comb your brows and give them the shape they are supposed to be in. Now, if you have got your hair colored blond then it is equally important for you to beach your brows. But in case you like them black or brown you can keep them that way. It will be better to look alike.


We all know that we have to brighten up the under-eye area using a concealer. You need to go in a triangular motion to make the area bright and light. It is equally important to use the concealer on the eyelid. You need to blend it and have the young look eye. As you must know that we are supposed to use a lighter shade concealer on under the eyes than the actual skin tone. You need to use a similar concealer over the eyelid as well. Blend it in carefully not pushing is too bluntly, keep on patting lightly.

Eye shadow

To make our eye look bigger the eye shadows have to be placed over the crease line and not on the crease. Another thing that we do when are applying eye shadow is that we blend the shadow from the crease line to the lid. Well, you need to highlight the crease line and not merge it till the lid. So you need not blend the line all the way to the lash line. Apart from that, you need to keep the crease darker from the outside and lighter on the inside corner of the eye. In order to, make them look wider you have to focus on the open end of the eye rather than the inner end of the eyes. Now, to add the brightening effect on the eye. Apply the eye shadow which is similar to the concealer shade. You need to apply it to the lash line blending it upwards till the crease line, and over the arch of the eye. It will make the eye look wide open.


Now, instead of using a dark brown or black liner use a more subtle shade liner powder or gel liner. Use it with the help of a brush rather than applying it straight to the eyes. The brush you need is a flat triangle top brush. Use the tip to apply it precisely to the eyes. You can apply a little on the tip of the brush and draw the liner adjoining with the lash line. You need to give a wing to the eye liner when you have crossed the end lash. Try to make the wing in the direction; as if it is meet the arch of the brows.

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