Gym wear clothing is a thing now and there are a lot of options to curate gorgeous looks. There are so many dimensions in gym wear now that you can flaunt all your styles easily. But there are a lot of if’s and but’s here as well. There are a lot of drab points that exist in the fashion line that must not be inculcated in your gym wear outfits. They will flop your look and become a big turn-off for your personality. Here are some of the things that you must not do or wear in the gym. Make sure you follow each one of them so that you do not become the laugh of the town!

Figure-hugging clothes

A gym is a place where you work out for long hours and burn your calories. You need to be comfortable in your space so that you can work out conveniently without feeling dizzy. Figure-hugging clothes are stylish and stunning but they are not meant for the gym. Every outfit has its own significance and is meant to be worn at a particular place only. So figure-hugging clothes are a definite no-no for gym wear clothing. You should always wear something comfortable that will allow you to stretch the body easily. Your gym clothes should be perfectly fitted- neither too light nor too baggy. Make a perfect choice and choose the fit that will keep you at ease all the time. Pick playful colors and flaunt your style.

Makeup on your face

The worst thing you could do to wreck your skin is going to the gym with makeup all over your face. Is it so hard to understand that gym workout equals sweating and sweating equals open pores? With makeup on these pores, you are sure to damage your skin to another level. This damage cannot be undone because these open pores filled with makeup and sweat are going to create blackheads, pimples, and longlasting acne. Going to the gym should not involve any makeup on because you are going to sweat a lot. You don’t want that sweat to get into your pores and then add to the breakouts. This is a vicious circle so make sure you step in the gym without any makeup on. Keep your skin bare and let it breathe.

Regular Bras

The thing is that regular bras are meant for everyday wear and not for the gym. This is because regular bras have their own precision and fitting. Their aim is something else. Their aim is to make your clothes look more defined and accentuate your curves. The purpose is streamlined. But for the gym, there are a lot of activities that you need to do. You need to get on the treadmill, run and jog, cross-train and weightlift as well. For all these purposed, you need a firm grip on your body parts. This is why a sports bra came into existence. It keeps a grip on your chest along with the shoulders. The tailoring and designing element of this one is amazing because it controls the bounce as well as unusual movement.

Worn out sneakers

Your style statement is a thing and with just one mistake of yours, you could ruin everything. If you are going to the gym to work out that doesn’t mean that you cannot flaunt your style there. You should dress with aesthetics and style every time. Going to the gym wearing worn-out sneakers is a big turn-off for everyone who looks at you. No matter what you wear, if your shoes are not in a good state, you will look drab. This is not a petite issue and must be paid due attention. If you are working out, you must always pick fancy and utility trainers that will solve all your purposes. This way you will be able to work out in a better way and also showcase your stylish side to everyone.

Jewelry is a big NO

Accessories are not meant for the gym. You must never wear any kind of accessory to the gym because if you lose it, you will regret it. Moreover, jewelry is meant for fancy outings and not for your workout. Everything has its own timing and no matter what you say, the look will look gaudy and too much over the top. Overdressing is not a cool thing when it comes to gym wear so one should always dress in a minimal way. Imagine running with a necklace beating against your chest; what would it even look like? Or your earrings tangling with your hair? This is just the worst sight ever. Never ever wear any kind of jewelry to the gym and make sure you are dressed the right way!

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