Let’s be honest here, has there been a day when you have put nothing on your skin and left it alone to breathe? We are sure none of us have really been this kind to our skin. Whether it’s makeup products or skincare products, almost every beauty product is loaded with chemicals, and these chemicals do more harm to your skin than doing any good, especially if you use such products on an everyday basis. It’s important for your skin to breathe easy, hence the need for tiny breaks from makeup and skincare products every once in a while. This concept is often referred to as skin and makeup detox that helps your skin to breathe.

Now coming to the point, just like your skin deserves a break from chemical-laden skincare and makeup products every once in a while, your hair could also use such detox. Indulging in regular hair and scalp detox is believed to promote healthy and shiny tresses. If you have been meaning to detox your hair and scalp for a while or doing it for the first time, then here’s the right way to give yourself one at home.


Step 1- Wet your hair

The first step in this process is to wet your hair, and you should make sure that your hair is thoroughly wet. Also, the temperature of the water plays a crucial role here; using hot water can cause so much damage to your locks and scalp, it can rob them of their natural moisture, leaving them dry and frizzy. You should only use either cold or lukewarm water in this entire process.


Step 2- Use a scalp scrub

Just like it’s important to scrub your skin to remove dead and dry skin from the surface, using a scalp scrub helps in removing dirt, grime, dead skin, and product residue from your scalp. You can use any scalp scrub of your choice. Take a dime-sized amount of the product and gently massage it throughout your scalp, make sure to be thorough while massaging the product. Scrub will help to loosen up all the impurities accumulated on your scalp, which will make it easier to remove them. You can leave the scrub on your scalp for about 5 minutes, after that, you can rinse it off with lukewarm water.


Step 3- Use your shampoo

Instead of using any regular shampoo, you should use a detoxifying shampoo to deep cleanse your hair. Such detoxifying shampoos not only eliminate all the build-up from the scalp but also help in offering intense nourishment to your scalp and tresses. A coin-sized amount of detoxifying shampoo will be more than enough to cleanse your hair thoroughly. Apply the product thoroughly on your scalp and hair and massage it for a couple of minutes until it lathers, and then you can rinse your mane with lukewarm water.


Step 4- Apply conditioner

After you are done shampooing your hair, it’s time to apply conditioner to your locks. The conditioner’s role is to not only provide extra moisture to your locks but also protect it from external factors. Take a coin-sized amount of conditioner on your palm, emulsify the product and then apply it on the tips and lengths of your hair. You can rinse off the product after leaving it on for 3-5 minutes. Also, make sure to use cold water to rinse off the conditioner for enhanced shine.


Step 5- Let your hair air dry

The last and final step is to let your hair air dry. You should refrain from using any hair care product or heat styling tool right after detoxifying your scalp and hair, or else it will defeat the purpose. Also, instead of using a towel, you should wrap your hair in a cotton t-shirt to avoid friction and frizz.

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