Accessory trends that will be everywhere this fall season

Accessory trends that will be everywhere this fall season

When it comes to your outfits, it’s all in the detailings, and your accessories certainly have a bigger role to play in this. Accessories are slightly underrated fashion staples, and not many people realize this, but a statement accessory can take your styling game up a notch and make even the simplest outfit look chic in no freaking time. Therefore, never underestimate the power of accessories, and for this trick to work every single time, it’s important to invest in the right pieces. Since the fall season is almost around the corner, this is the right time to do some damage and splurge on some fall accessories that are going to be everywhere this season. While welcoming the new accessory trends for the fall season, feel free to bid a goodbye to a few passé accessory trends to make some space for your new purchases.

Out: Delicate and dainty jewelry
In: Chunky chains

Chunky chains are all the rage at the moment. Although this trend has been around for quite some time now, it’s popularity hasn’t slowed down even a bit, in fact, it’s been everywhere in the fashion industry, especially this coming fall season. Besides the ubiquitous statement necklaces we have been wearing since the last the few months, chunky chains have also made their way in the form of bracelets, chin chokers, bag straps, earrings, and not to mention, hardware built into clothes and shoes, which looks every bit of fresh and modern.

Out: Baseball caps
In: Long gloves

As much as we are a huge fan of baseball caps, it’s time we bid them goodbye and put them in one corner of our closet for a while now. Since it tends to get a little chilly during the fall season, long gloves would make for a great addition. Long gloves are an excellent choice of accessory to add a sense of sophistication to your ensemble and keep your hands from getting cold at the same time. Leather and knit gloves are some of the best options to consider.

Out: Pointy pumps
In: Chunky rubber boots

Pointy pumps are not exactly the most practical choice of footwear, and when it comes to the fall season, there’s no better pair than chunky rubber boots to invest in this season. Chunky sole boots are not only practical, but they are also quite chic, which certainly will complement most of your fall outfits.

Out: Shell jewelry
In: Pearl jewelry

Jewelry is one of the crucial parts of your ensemble, and it certainly can work wonders for your outfit only if you have picked the right option. While shell jewelry pretty much dominated the previous seasons, it’s time we bid them goodbye and embrace the new trend, which looks even more interesting and chic. Pearl jewelry is having quite a major moment in the fashion industry; it has been spotted in an array of iterations ranging from unique silhouettes and mismatched shapes to new proportions and use of different materials like gold and silver.

Out: Belt bags
In: Statement belts

Belt bags had their time, and it’s time we change our approach and look for something fresh instead. Lucky for us, statement belts are the current talk of the town, they have been everywhere. Statement belts are certainly one of the most talked-about accessory trends, and they are relatively easier to be sported with all different sorts of outfits. From blazers and skirts to dresses and coats, these statement belts happen to look surprisingly chic with everything, and that’s the beauty of this piece. You can easily find these statement belts in all different sizes and shapes.

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