Activewear trends that are having a major moment this year

Activewear trends that are having a major moment this year

We have to admit that in the recent few months, our wardrobe has seen a drastic makeover and half our clothes are now replaced with comfy casual pieces such as activewear, thanks to the lockdown. And honestly, activewear has never seen such a phase of popularity that it has currently seen and it continues to do so. This newfound love has now started to find its way into many girls’ closets, which is making us appreciate our workout clothes even more. However, much like your other fashion articles that keep getting superseded with new and trendy pieces, your activewear collection could also use some update. While activewear pieces are supposed to be worn during your workouts, but thanks to their super chic and comfy appearance, you can totally wear them at your home or even to run an errand while you’re out and about.
With all the current trends that are doing rounds on social media and the fashion websites, it’s becoming hard to resist ourselves from splurging on a few workout gears that will give our wardrobe a major boost. If you have been looking to purchase a few workout clothes for yourself, then you have come to the right spot as we have listed a few activewear trends that are having a major moment this year.


When it comes to workout clothes, most people usually splurge on pieces that are particularly darker in hues such as black and as much as we are in favor of this shade, seeing activewear in the same shade over years of being used has now started to feel very overdone and tiring. It’s time that you add some colors to your collection and bring some freshness to the wardrobe. If we have to be specific about colors, the pastels are having quite a moment right now, hues like lilac, peach, and aqua would make for a great addition.

Seamless activewear

One of the chicest activewear trends you can try this year is the seamless workout pieces. You have got to believe us, once you try them on; there will be no turning back. Although the seamless detailing isn’t very drastic, you still can feel some amount of elevation in your workout clothes and they feel very comfortable to wear. You can easily find them in several options including leggings, tanks, and sports bra.

One-piece unitard

Save yourself from the hassle of buying a different pair of legging and a matching top by splurging on one-piece unitards. These one-piece unitards are all over the market and are arguably one of the hottest selling pieces. You can expect to see them in plenty of chic iterations that can be styled in many interesting ways. For instance, many fashion girls are donning this piece with a pair of tall socks and classic sneakers to create a retro-inspired look.


If flare-jeans weren’t enough for you, you can also get your hands on flare-leggings that are blowing up this year. Reminding us of old times, these flare and bootcut pairs are quickly becoming a replacement to our classic black leggings. And no matter how you choose to style them, the outcome is always going to be chic and impressive regardless of body type. This eye-catching detailing is certainly going to add a little edge to your outfit and make it look elevated.

Long sleeves

While oversize tees do make your workout gear look cooler and chic, it’s time that you give them a break and instead try long sleeve crop tops that will instantly add some amount of interest to your look. These long sleeve tops not only provide more coverage but also look pretty stylish. You can find them in a myriad of options and some of them also contain thumbholes that make your workout gear look even cooler and sportier.

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