Beauty products to stock up on this monsoon

Beauty products to stock up on this monsoon

While monsoon season might give you some respite from hot, sweaty summer days, it can prove to be quite disastrous for all the makeup lovers out there. If truth be told, monsoon season is not exactly a blessing for makeup lovers, the increased levels of humidity can easily result in your skin becoming greasy and makeup coming off. We certainly don’t like the sound of either of it, but there’s a way that you can prevent your makeup from turning into a nightmare by switching your existing makeup products with waterproof ones. Switching your makeup products according to the current season is a crucial step to follow as it is the key to keeping your makeup intact and flawless all day long even if it’s a hot or rainy day.
We have listed a few essential beauty products that will get you through monsoon like a breeze with zero makeup mishaps.

Matte foundation

One of the most important beauty products to carry in your makeup kit during monsoon season is a matte foundation. When it comes to achieving a flawless finish, there’s no other foundation that can work half as good as a matte foundation. If you want to make sure that your makeup doesn’t start melting under high humidity levels, then you should always stick to using matte foundation as it doesn’t budge all day long and also provides a smooth and flawless finish.

Waterproof mascara

With the arrival of monsoon season comes unpredictable and intermittent rains. And what happens if you end up getting drenched during one of the rainy days? Clothes drenching with water is one thing, but washed off mascara settled down on your face is a complete disaster. If you don’t want to end up getting caught in such a situation, then make sure that you always wear waterproof makeup, mascara in specific, so that no amount of rain can ruin your makeup. Look for mascara that’s long-lasting, smudge-free, and waterproof so that you don’t end up ruining your makeup.

Gel eyeliner

Instead of using your typical liquid eyeliners, which can also come off easily during a rainy day, use gel-based eyeliner this monsoon. Not only gel eyeliners are super easy and quick to apply but they also stay put for longer and also allows precise application. While black might be your color, consider taking some break from it and incorporate some colored eyeliners in your makeup kit to make even the gloomiest of days look slightly vibrant and colorful. Playing with eyeliner is the easiest way to add some pop of color to your eyes and keep things pretty interesting. You can easily find these gel eyeliners in a plethora of colors ranging from greens and pinks to blues and whites.

Powder blush

No matter the season, blush is one of those makeup products that we cannot forget to add to our makeup routine. It helps to add a natural flush to the cheeks and gives them a healthy glow. And when it comes to using blush during monsoon, we would recommend you to not use cream blushes. While these cream blushes are incredibly easy to work with, they can look very unnatural when the skin is sticky owing to high humidity levels during monsoon. Therefore, stick with a powder-based blush as it stays put for longer and also doesn’t budge its place.

Matte lipstick

Creamy lipsticks are super easy to work with and they do look good every time of the season. But when it comes to monsoon, you certainly wouldn’t like to take any chances with your makeup. There’s no other lipstick that can work half as good as a matte one. A matte lipstick not only stays put for a longer duration but it also doesn’t feel too heavy on the lips, which is an added advantage. You can find these matte lipsticks in an endless number of shades; pick the ones that suit your skin tone.

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