A blanket scarf is probably one of the biggest accessories to own in your winter wardrobe. It serves as that winter staple which you can not miss out on having in your closet. Many of you may not know about this type of scarf, but we may tell you that blanket scarf is one of the hottest trending pieces that can be seen everywhere, from celebrities and influencers to stores and street style look, everybody has started to get the taste of this scarf style. And now it’s your time to shine with this blanket scarf. It can be styled in numerous ways and can be paired with many different outfits. And before we go ahead with discussing different ways of wearing a blanket scarf, we firstly would like to tell you what a blanket scarf basically is.

Blanket scarves are an oversized version of your regular scarves. They are big and square in shape and which is what sets them apart from your other types of scarf. Now some of you may start to think that the amount of fabric it comes with can get a little difficult to manage. But we may tell you; you need not to fret as during such harsh frigid you would want to get every bit of fabric you can get to cover yourself. And another great thing is it can be styled in so many ways that it will make sure you stay warm as well as look equally stylish at the same time.

Without further ado, let’s discuss about some of the chic ways of wearing a blanket scarf.

Add a belt to the waist.

One of the chicest ways of wearing this scarf is by tieing a belt around the waist. It looks very chic and adds the needed element to the outfit, making you look all stylish and cozy. The tied belt perfectly accentuates the waist and gives you a very polished and elegant appearance. And it’s very easy to create this style. Take the blanket scarf of yours, fold it into a triangle, and then drape it over your shoulders, leaving the edges hanging on both sides. It will probably end somewhere near your thighs. Now take a skinny and stunning piece of the belt, tie it around your waist, and voila you will be all set to rock the day.

Form it into a knot

Wearing your scarf in a knot style is the most classic yet stylish way of wearing it. When no style works for you, this will prove to be an excellent choice for you. You can easily carry this style with your sweater and even under your coats and jackets. Taking the blanket scarf in your hands, fold it into a triangle. Position the triangle in the front and toss the ends of the scarf around the neck so that both the ends are dangling in the front. Now take both the ends tie them in a knot, and you will be good to go.

Shawl style

Create an easy-breezy look by wearing the scarf in this style. You don’t need to do any kind of styling in this case. Just simply throw it over the shoulders, and you will have your super comfy yet super stylish look ready. You can also choose to carry it in another way and that is by folding the scarf side by side instead of corner to corner.

The loop style

This one is yet another great way of wearing a scarf during fall and winter. It looks amazingly well with all the outfits and is also quite easy to achieve. Take your scarf and hold it lengthwise. Now fold it in half and place it behind your neck. You will get two ends, one will be in the form of a loop, and the other will have loose ends of the scarf. Pull both the ends together in front and insert the loose end of the scarf inside the loop end. Having this done, secure the scarf nicely around the neck.

Bandana style

Wearing your scarf in bandana style will always remain timeless and classic. It is a great way of elevating the overall look and add some edginess to it. And just like any other style, it’s also very easy to create. Take your scarf, fold it into a triangle. Now position the triangle in the front and toss it around the nape of your neck. Take the loose ends of the scarf that are seen dangling in the front and tuck it inside the scarf to achieve the final look.

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