Blame it on the insufficient sleep or a really long night, our face the next morning can tell the story without even having to mention it. Those under eye dark circles and baggy eyes are the living proof of such sleepless nights which can easily make us look tired and sick. And with such a tired face, we can’t really go out to work or anything. But thanks to the cosmetic industry, our beloved makeup products are here to help us which doesn’t include any hustle-bustle. With that, it’s important to know which product can be used in the right way at the right time. And today we will be discussing about that only. There are some makeup tips and tricks that will help you in looking less tired and will help you in achieving a fresh look in no time.

1. Splash of cold water

Believe it or not, but washing your face with cold water can really help you a lot. Our face tends to appear puffy in the morning and that’s because our pores expand during we sleep. While warm water may feel good to your skin but it can easily leave your skin dehydrated and less refreshing which is why it’s always suggested to wash your face using cold water. This trick will ensure your pores get closed whilst also making sure you look fresh and wide awake. This is one tip that will come really handy when you look all tired and sick. Just one splash of cold water and you are done.

2. Using a white liner on your waterline

Your eyes can easily tell whether you look tired or fresh. The redness in your eyes can easily make you look tired and less awake and this is when a makeup tip comes handy. Using white or nude eyeliner on your waterline works really effectively as it makes your eyes look bigger, thereby, make you look wide awake.

3. Use lighter shade of under-eye concealer

When nothing else works, using a concealer can do wonders to the way you appear. It is honestly one of the best and safest things to rely upon for your under-eye areas. Insufficient sleep can easily result in under eye dark circles which can make you look tired and exhausted. But a lighter shade of concealer can come to your rescue. Conceal your dark circles using a concealer that is a little lighter than your skin shade which can help you give a fresh and radiant look. Set your concealer with a setting powder to avoid any crease or it becoming cakey.

4. Coats of mascara

Anything that can make your eyes look bigger will always work in your favor. And one of such products is a mascara, you can never really go wrong with this one product. It not only enhances your lashes but also makes your eyes look bigger and wide. You can also choose to curl your lashes with a curler to make them look fuller.

5. Add a tint to your cheeks

Skin that looks all healthy and glowing can easily make you appear fresh like nobody else. Blush really comes handy on days where your skin feels all dull and tired. But adding some colors to your cheek can give you a very refreshing and vibrant look. Opt for rosy pink or shimmery gold blush as they work really well on tired faces. Say bye-bye to your tired face in the most beautiful way.

6. Apply brightening concealer to the inner corner of your eyes

As we know highlighting always works wonder when it comes to drawing attention to a certain part of your face as it can make anything look more spacious. By applying a tiny bit of brightening concealer to the inner corner of your eyes near the tear ducts, you can make your eyes look wide awake. Opt for a concealer shade that is slightly lighter than your skin tone.

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