Definitely an accessory with the most utility and fan following! Every woman loves this accessory because it has multiple styling options and also is very convenient to carry around all day. It is the ultimate wardrobe staple for fall and winter. One cannot deny the importance of wearing a shawl in breezy winters. You also get to flaunt a cool vibe with it. You feel instantly all dressed up so what else do you need? You need a style guide to wear that same shawl in different ways with different outfits and occasions. Whether it’s knit, silken or infinity shawl, it can be worn universally with everything in the chilly weather. We have shared the best styles to wear this fall season to step out in style-


As the name suggests, a shawl can be worn as an outer layer over your casual outfit. It instantly alters the entire look from casual to stylish. If you are wearing a monochrome outfit or even just a pair of denim with a loose-knit sweater, a shawl will add a cool chic vibe to it. Just roll that shawl over yourself in a loose drape and wear it like you would wear a loose cardigan. It is supposed to be carried in a very careless manner on your shoulders. Pick this one in solid or pastel colors for maximum benefit. For a weekend outfit, style a thick belt on the waist to create division in the outfit. This cape look will be fantastic!


If you’re planning to go on a trip or a concert, you need to showcase that rock girl vibe. Pick a shawl that has prints on it for the perfect boho look. Such prints really highlight themselves when worn at the right places. Bohemian wraps add volume and flare to the outfit because of the print and patterns on them. Even if you’re going for a Sunday lunch, drape it over your shoulder loosely and pin-up in the center. This way you won’t feel suffocated, nor there will be any inconvenience to carry it around all day. This one of the favorite looks to wear in a cold-weather windy temperature.


After styling belts with dresses, skirts, shorts, and shirts, it’s time to style them with your shawls too. This is a very genius-level fashion to alter your look in a way nobody could ever think of. Simply throw the shawl around your neck with its ends falling in the front. Then pick a belt of any size and tie it right on the waistline. You can pull this trick easily with any shawl whether its pashmina, silk or blanket. Just change the belt you’re using depending on the shawl you’re styling. For example: if you’re styling a blanket shawl, go for thick belts for a better grip. It is also a perfect work outfit and evening ensemble.


Carrying a shawl in basic and nude colors is a thing of the past. Today we’re living in the era of experiment and adventure. It is a must to style yourself as differently as you want to. Because when you follow your heart, you look the best! Pick shawls in shocking colors like bright red, electric blue, fuchsia pink and all peter-pan colors you can think of. Wearing these colors on any outfit will bring attention to your outfit and you might just set a new trend! Why dress boring when you can make use of so many colors in the world? Just pick a bright color shawl and pull it over your minimalistic outfit.


This one is our best pick for all those sophisticated evening events where you dress in wine gowns or trench coats to look your elegant-best. So if you’re tired of wearing the same evening outfits again and again, just pick your shawl and drape it like this. Any pashmina shawl with a dash of shine in it is good for the evening in sober colors. Wear it around the neck and tie the loose ends in the front in a very firm and loose manner. You can drape it over your sequin evening dress and carry a fancy clutch along. Wear party pumps or stilettos and you’re ready! 

The options don’t end here. This might be the last style option we have listed here but there is no limit to fashion. Give your thoughts a passage and experiment with all your might! Be trendy no matter what.

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