Denim is that wardrobe staple, which can be worn any time of the year. Had denim ceased to exist, surviving the coldest months of the year or wearing cute and winter-friendly articles such as coats, boots, and sweaters would have become so much difficult. But we should consider ourselves lucky enough to be introduced to such a versatile and universally loved clothing piece. The best thing about owning jeans is they always have your back, no matter what. You can literally dress up or dress down any pair of jeans in a multitude of chic ways. Whether you are heading somewhere fancy or just to run some errands, simply donning the best pair of jeans in your closet will get you through the day.

Although jeans are a wardrobe staple and a basic clothing item, they don’t necessarily have to look cheap and boring. And in order to make your jeans look expensive, you don’t have to own the most expensive pair or sport it with an expensive item, the trick is to style your jeans smartly, and that can be done by teaming your jeans with some expensive-looking items.

Listed below are some expensive-looking outfits you can wear with your jeans.


Faux-fur outerwear

Faux-fur outerwear pieces have the ability to make or break your look, the trick is to find faux-fur outerwear that actually looks real and expensive, but in reality, such pieces would hardly cost you half or even less sum of money you would actually pay for real fur. In addition to being super pocket-friendly, faux-fur outerwear instantly dresses up the jeans and makes the entire outfit look luxe.


A black puffer

When it comes to building your winter wardrobe, a black puffer always comes on the list of winter essentials for obvious reasons. Providing extra warmth to your body isn’t the only purpose of a black puffer, it can do a lot more than that. The best way to spruce up your jeans and make your outfit look more elevated and chic is by wearing a black puffer. Instead of opting for a regular black puffer, look for the one that’s a bit elevated to make your outfit look all the more stylish.


A neutral-colored wool coat

Something as basic and simple as a neutral-colored wool coat can work absolute wonders for your jeans. These two make an excellent and expensive-looking combination, and the best part about this look is it can be sported almost every day throughout winter. Additionally, these coats team well with jeans of any wash, and you can find a myriad of chic options in the market when it comes to purchasing a neutral-colored wool coat.


Layered sweaters

If you want to make a statement with your look and stand out from the crowd, then the easiest way to do so is by layering your sweaters. The layered sweater look is a very popular trend at the moment, it makes the jeans look ten times chicer and not to mention, fashion-forward. If you are ready to hop on the bandwagon, then you can go the DIY route. All you have to do is purchase two same sweaters, wear one as a sweater and drape the other one around your neck to create a layered sweater look.


Wear a pretty sweater

Sometimes it’s best to keep things simple yet pretty, and when it comes to your jeans, the easiest way to make the outfit look stylish and elevated is by teaming it with a pretty or fancy sweater. Sporting an embellished sweater with your jeans is one of the most effortless ways to make your denim look dressed up and fancy.

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