Makeup is every woman’s first love and when it is your prom night, pulling off the perfect makeup would require a lot of effort from your side to look stunning and sexy. If you are up for creating unique looks for your prom night, then we have some extraordinary ideas! Have a look.

Go for Goth Lips

Goth lips are basically the darkest color of lips that you choose for yourself. These kinds of lips look extraordinary and are too bold for the weak hearted. If you are someone who experiments a lot and is fond of trying out new makeup looks, then you must go for this look. Goth lips can be intimidating but still, they are totally worth it. Choose the darkest lips color for yourself or choose something that is an almost black colored lipstick for your prom night with the fanciest outfit ever. Keep the rest of your makeup light and go nude, if you like. But make sure that you do your lips and eyes the right way. This look might seem like it is too much over the top but actually, it is the most glamorous one out of the lot. Balance the dark lips, nude makeup, and fancy outfit together.

Neon Eyelids are a thing

Even if you have baked a flawless base for your face, have out the perfect lip shade and are flaunting the sexiest dress, it won’t be enough until you have added some drama to your eyes. And this is not just about the prom night. Even on a daily, you must always add some tiny bit to your eyes so that they shine from a distance. It is not necessary to add kohl or eyeshadow to your eyes every time but you should always do some tiny bits to make them a highlighted part of your face. These neon eyelids makeup is the most amazing makeup for your eyes because it has the power to attract attention from a distance. Eyelids look even fancier with neon shades and highlight the entire makeup. You can pick a neon eyeshadow that goes with your prom dress and also add cat-eye kohl further. This cat-eye will add extra glam!

‘Bare but Glam’ Makeup

A bare-but-glam makeup is kind of a no-makeup-makeup look and we love it! This can also be referred to as a nude makeup look because it looks like something has been done to the face but not exactly what. This way, your face flaunts that natural glow despite using makeup products. If there is something that you can do to your makeup look even more highlighted, then it would be using a highlighter and blush. The key to bare makeup is to use these two products in a good amount. The power of a highlighter is something else and it can add glow to any dull face too. Therefore, you must pick it for flaunting dewy cheeks with a pink blush along with the highlighted bridge of the nose as well as brow bones.

Rainbow Eyeliner for the color!

Go bold or don’t go at all! For your prom night, this is the perfect way to add drama and also look playful at the same time. A little color here and there does no harm. So, if you are thinking that adding a dash of color to your eyelids would be a mistake, then this is a myth. Colors are meant to amp your look and not drab them. Therefore, pick this rainbow look for your eyes and say no more. Go bright and bold for your prom night by using contrasting liners together to add that pop of style. Draw a blue line on top with an electric green shade along maybe. For the waterline, choose white and pink for subtleness. You can even pick a mix of pastel colors to create this eyeliner look. This look will be your perfect choice to look extraordinary.

Glitter on the lips!

Inspired by Taylor Swift, this look is a definite try for every girl. Prom night is supposedly one of the fanciest nights ever and it calls for trying out new looks. If you wish to look extraordinary, you must think out of the box and add a pinch of glitter to your look. And not just your eyes, but your lips too! Add vibrancy to your pout with a touch of sparkle and glitter and appear as the sexiest woman at a party. All you have to do is pick any favorite color like pink, red or goth color. Then use a small brush to add glitter to the cupids bow and in the center of the lower lip. You should also add a touch of gloss to the lips for highlighting them from a distance.

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