Healthy Figures, Stop Feeling Bashful: Equip Your Wardrobe with the Signature Outfits

Healthy Figures, Stop Feeling Bashful: Equip Your Wardrobe with the Signature Outfits

Having a thin body or a heavy body is seen as a source of mockery by individuals. People often keep names for such body people and they have to go through a lot during their adolescence. There are people who use their body weight to their advantage like they pretend to be super powerful, however, a few of them remain suppressed by the power of society. If we talk about women in such cases then, we know a woman has to go through many phases in life. With their growing age, they come across various challenges and really cannot afford to look after themselves. Ladies worry not, we most probably cannot solve the issues of your worldly affairs but most definitely can bring about things that will sort your looks for you.

Plain solid color


See, peeps we cannot get everything right but we can learn to dress ourselves perfectly with the availing options. So you have got the plain solid colors. Don’t go for pattern work; see the patterns bring along focus to the people’s body. You probably don’t want to give too much attention to an area. So keep it plain, moreover, plains are cool, with so many colors and their hues you have got tons of options on your plate. So incorporates these plain beauties to your wardrobe. If you like wearing jeans avoid patchwork or faded jeans. Get one color, light, moderate, dark your wish but, remember a single color.

Pattern Dress

It’s funny how tops and jeans don’t work out in patterns but the dress will. Yeah, girls! We have something to play in patterns. So get yourself the patterns dresses, it doesn’t matter the length of it, as long as you are comfortable. The dresses that I have tried so far, the best goes with my body are the split-tunic dresses. They give fitting to the upper body leaving the lower portion without a fit. You can get the skin fit dresses as well, but you need to wear a body shape and also go for one size plus then your original one. Similarly, during winters you can add on some pattern to your inner clothing but wear a single color over or vice-versa.


Believe me, girls you must try on accessorizing your outfit with some scarves, handbags, hats, sunglasses, etc. They work like magic with your routine wears. Besides you need to keep your hair open or a little puff. Something that will not make your face appears round. Next, if you are carrying goggles or sunglass around all the type when you are out then, you will find you face to be redefined. Since sunglasses are for outdoor wear, then, switch to the fashionable computer eye wears for your office. They have such a beautiful frame that looks completely ethical for a workplace as it provides you the protection from the desktop harmful rays.


Girls to hide those extra curves, what’s better than getting flares, so get the flared tops or dresses or pants. There are some cute tunic tops that give you some coverage around the waistline and abdominal. The flared pants are grown in trend over the years thus; you can get the high waist pants and give coverage to your body. You need to incorporate loads of flares in your wardrobe as there is literally variety out there that you wouldn’t want to miss.


I saved best for the last, yes I know you have heard that blacks makes you look thin, yeah its dam truth. But pretty ladies you don’t want too much of black. Get one of each in black like a t-shirt or a blouse top, jeans and a pant. Don’t through all black in your cupboard. Play with colors and mind it, if you follow the above suggestion you will understand how many options you could choose from.
Don’t forget you are the perfect one on the Earth. You are as important as air for people out there and they know your worth. Forget the rest, who cares.

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