If you are planning to go on a water sports session soon or planning a vacation to the beach, then you would need a swimsuit for sure. But if you are not sure as to what kind of swimsuit you need, then you are in the right place. There are so many stunning styles in swimsuits now that everything looks ultra-flattering. You can create interesting silhouettes with swimsuits and have them remembered forever. Pick as vibrant colors as you want, pick as unusual prints as you like. There is no limit to it. Be creative and let loose!

Bandeau-top suit

This is the sexiest swimsuit style ever and has gained a lot of popularity majorly because of its design. This is definitely a sexy piece because it has been tailored in such a manner that it can grab attention effortlessly. If you are looking for something that will show off your curves and also accentuate your figure, then this is the perfect pick. A bandeau top is usually a strapless top just like a tube. There are no sleeves. Instead, it has an off-the-shoulder sleeve detailing that falls effortlessly on both sides just slightly above the elbows. This bandeau top suit comes in a variety of colors and designs from which you can choose the best one. Pick it for your swimming sessions, beach vacations and set a style statement.

Underwire Bikini Top

A bikini is one of the most stunning swim outfits ever and can be worn for all your vacations, water cruises and surf & swim sessions. There is no doubt about the fact that a bikini has the ability to create an ultimate flattering outfit in seconds. If you are good at experimentation and are looking for something revealing and sexy, then pick this underwired bikini top. This bikini top comes with a bra upper which has an underwire for extra support. Because of that underwire, this style gives a lot of support and comfort to the bust area. It lifts and keeps us at ease all day. Whether you pick it in soft pads or not, is completely your choice. But this underwire bikini top looks super stylish and sexy. Look for bright colors or floral prints while shopping for this one.

Tie-Front Bikini Top

There are halter necks whose tie goes around the neck at the back and then there are some that go on the sides. This tie-front bikini top goes in the front and looks oh-so-sexy! This tie-front style is not a piece of news because this style has been popular for a long time now. It has been seen as a part of tops and blouses even in old movies and that’s where it found its originality. There is so much love for this style that it started to make its way into lingerie and swimwear too. So, basically, instead of tying your bikini behind your neck or your back, tie this one in the front and accentuate our bust line. It is sexy, stunning and stylish. Pick it for the most flattering outfit ever!

High-neck bikini

Just when you thought swimsuits are supposed to be revealing and skin showy, we proved you wrong. This high-neck bikini suit is one of the most flattering outfits ever and will solve all your swimsuit issues. If you look at it closely, it is supposed to give your body the perfect fit and style quotient too. This high-neck bikini suit comes with a high neck and halter type back for a sexy style. It goes on to the neck and has a zero neckline. This looks very pretty especially when you tie your hair in a bun with it. With zero plungings of the neckline and ultimate fitting, this one is one of the best picks for swimsuits. Add this to your closet right away in florals or stripes and create an interesting look.


This silhouette is different from the rest. While the rest are still a part of fashion and apparel, they do not have any utility function. They are worn for the sole purpose of looking classy and sexy. But this one has utility too. You must have been paddleboarders, surfers or water skiers wear a very closely body-fitted suit. It is seen in a variety of styles like turtlenecks, boyshorts, front zip or collars. This is because it has been curated for that particular purpose of water sports. This is a must-have for all those who are going out for sporting in the water and want to look sexy there as well. It remains close to the body and showcases the perfect body figure too. Have this one in any color you want, prints like florals, leopard, etc. and create a great outfit!


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