There is nothing more double-duty than a highlighter and it is actually unfair to call it just double -duty. It is multi-duty and is truly a god’s gift in the whole makeup range. If you are looking for something that will add glow to your face and also highlight all your features, then this is your one-stop destination for everything. The following are some of the most significant ways of using a highlighter to get that oh-so-pretty glow every time! Use these tricks and pull off that flawless glowing look in no time!

Apple of the cheek

This one is the most important area of your face and you cannot afford to miss this one. The foremost area where you must apply your highlighter is this apple of your cheek. The logic behind this is that when you smile, your cheeks swell up and when this happens, they should glow. To make this visible glow, we apply highlighter to the top lifted area of your cheeks. This is one of the best ways to create an illusion of glow on the face. If you crave that naturally glowing face but are unable to achieve it, then this highlighter will help you pull off this look. You should also contour your face along so that the facial features look more defined and accurate. Apply this highlighter diagonally on the cheekbones and flaunt that smile with just the perfect glow!

Bridge of the nose

This area of the face is also an important one because it shows that you have sharp facial features. Never underestimate the power of a highlighter to make your face look much more bright and glowing. The bridge of your nose is a significant area of your face to add highlighter in the perfect way. Dab a dot on the bridge and spread it evenly. This works even better if you have contoured your face the correct way. All you have to do is add a contour shade darker than your skin on either side of the nose and add a line of highlighter in between. This area is the bridge of your nose and this trick will make your nose look slimmer and defined. This will eventually make your overall face look petite with sharp features. Use your highlighter in this way and there is nothing else you need!

Just below the brow bone

We pay so much attention to our eyebrows and run errands every time we have to appear publically. We make sure that they are defined and are in the perfect shape possible. This is because eyebrows speak a lot about our face and can change the entire look. A highlighter helps us in achieving perfect brow goals. The trick is to use a highlighter just below the brow bone and wait for it to work its charm. This brow bone is a great area for your highlighter because it makes your eyes look much more defined. So, if you are planning to curate the perfect eye makeup, use a highlighter in the brow bone and give an illusion of large eyes. Also, add a cut-crease look to the eyes as this will make the highlighter appear even more classy.

On the Cupid’s Bow

Just when you thought we are done with the highlighter, lips came into the picture. Surprisingly, this is actually a common technique to use your highlighter on the topmost center part of the lips. This area is called the Cupid’s bow and is a must area to apply your highlighter. There are so many speculations around this and if you feel comfortable, you must apply it. A cupid’s bow has the ability to make your facial features sharp and defined. So, all you have to do is give your lips a definition by adding a dab of highlighter right in the center area. Use a concealer brush or an eyeshadow brush with precision so that the highlighter does not spread. Your lipstick will get a cleaner look with this trick.

Center of your eyelid

This one is a win-win situation for everyone. There are so many options when it comes to applying a highlighter on your face. But nothing beats this. If you also have a thing for eye makeup, then this is your must-do thing. After you are done applying your eye makeup, use a highlighter and touch it right in the center of your eyelid. Just a dab of highlighter right in the center of your eyelid will make your eyes glow and look much bigger. This trick can work wonders for all those who have smaller eyes. Similarly, using a highlighter brush to add a liner on the eyes can also make your eyes look brighter and bigger. Add glow to your eye area with this trick and set off for every party out there.

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