2020 gave us plenty of time to scroll our feeds and discover some amazing things and content on the internet, which also included an array of brilliant beauty hacks. Whether you believe it or not, certain beauty hacks make our lives so much easier and are a complete life-saver. Thanks to the genius, creative, and innovative minds, we get to discover some really amazing beauty hacks that can come to an easy rescue whenever in need. While some hacks tend to be a bit bizarre and weird, some hacks can prove to be helpful, and we always keep searching for such hacks to simplify our lives.

2020 was no different in terms of generating some amazing and interesting content; the content also included a myriad of beauty hacks that went viral in no time. While the weird and senseless beauty hacks deserve to be left behind in 2020, the beauty hacks that were quite genius and effective should come forward with is to 2021.

Ahead we have listed a couple of beauty hacks that are so amazing that you will want to try them ASAP!


Face shaving

The popularity of face-shaving has been on the rise for the last few years, and it was only in 2020 that it gained the attention it deserved. Face shaving is a painless and inexpensive method to get rid of facial hair. Unlike face waxing or even threading, it doesn’t hurt even a bit. Additionally, it is quite inexpensive as opposed to clinical treatments. Furthermore, face shaving not only helps you get rid of peach-fuzz but also exfoliates your skin by removing the dead skin build-up from the surface. Your face feels a lot softer post-shaving and makeup also glides very smoothly on the skin. You should only use a facial razor for this method, and it’s essential to follow all the post-shaving procedures to avoid bumps on the skin.


Soap brows

Fixing the brows using a bar of transparent soap was also a hack that garnered a lot of attention. This beauty hack might feel impractical to some, but it can actually work wonders for your brows. The idea behind this hack was to achieve shiny and bold brows, and it does the trick quite effectively. In order to create soap brows, all you will need to do is to take some soap on a wet spoolie by rubbing it on a bar of transparent soap. After that, brush your brow hair upwards using the same spoolie to set them in place, and that’s how you get soap brows.


Sock curls

If you are a fan of curls and love creating them now and then, this beauty hack might leave you intrigued. Using heat styling tools to curl your locks can affect your hair’s health, you don’t need to use any heat styling tool when you can easily curl your hair using a couple of pairs of socks. Sock curls are one of the best and heatless ways to achieve beautiful curls. Make sure your hair is slightly damp for this method to work. After that, divide your hair in small sections and then tie them separately with socks. Leave it overnight and the next day you will wake up to beautiful curls. You can also use a texturizing spray.


Concealer hacks

Concealer is a holy-grail beauty product; it is arguably one of the best products to have in our makeup kit. Aside from concealing imperfections on the face, it can help in giving you a facelift and add a stunning glow to your makeup look. One of the best beauty hacks that involved concealer is the fox eye look; this beauty hack can make you look fab in no freaking time.

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