Having freshly manicured nails is another level of great feeling. It is a perfect way of adding an extra stylish element to the look and make yourself stand out from the crowd. From bright red colors to some really intricated designings, you can get your nails done any way you like. There’s a style and design made for everyone. While some like to keep their nails very simple some like to go really bold with the color and detailing. As there’s a saying life is too short to have boring nails, it’s time you go with the trend and get your nails done in the most amazing ways. There are so many nail trends that have been doing rounds all over social media, but there were some, that actually caught our attention and are worth experimenting with this year.

We have curated a list of a few nail trends that will simply make you fall in love with your nails.

The tortoise effect

The highly celebrated animal print effect doesn’t seem to budge off the list of hottest trends to follow. We will have to accept the fact that animal prints are currently dominating the fashion world and they are here to stay for longer than you may have expected. It wasn’t only clothes, accessories, shoes, and bags that got influenced by this animal print effect, today nails are also seemed to follow the league. While leopard print got loads of love and popularity, it’s time we make some way for other animal print styles such as tortoise shell which is one of the hottest nail trends to follow this year. The way caramel, black and brown colors blend in together, makes for the prettiest sight to withhold.

Graphic detailings

Graphic nails are all about little detailings which isn’t for everyone especially for girls who like their nails to be very minimal and subtle. This nail trend is one of the boldest choices to go with this season but we can assure you, once you get it done you won’t regret your decision; instead, you will fall in love with them. You can choose to go bold with bright contrasting colors to make the heads turn or you can choose to keep it simple with some muted tones. You can create this nail style at the convenience of your home by using some simple and small patterns. But if you’re looking for elaborate designing then it’s best you get it done from a professional.

Cow print nails

Much like tortoise shell print, cow-print is the new nail trend in the town that was very recently seen sported by the very famous kylie Jenner. These incredibly cute looking nails are a great way of adding some fun element to your look. Anybody can pull off this nail style, no matter what the shape or size of your nails is. These animal print nails will make sure you look every bit of trend and fashion updated.

Metallic french nails

For all the girls, who love their nails to be really simple yet elegant, this nail trend is the perfect option for you to try this season. French nails have always been one of the favorite nail trends amongst all the girls. Their simplistic yet striking appearance is what makes them set apart from other nail trends. And it’s a great way of transitioning from summers to winters to add some electric effect to your look.

Mixed prints nails

Contemplating what print will look better on your nails? That won’t be the case anymore when you have this mixed print nail trend making its way this season. It’s a great way of adding fun and interesting element to the look and let your nails to be the hero of your look. You can have the liberty to decide the pattern as well as the colors for your nails to create a genius piece of art on them. For instance, animal print nails on one hand and a beautiful check pattern on the other hand together will make for a great as well as a unique combination.

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