The famous fall trend; Plazacore

The famous fall trend; Plazacore

This can be called the preppy style of the fall as it takes inspiration from the upper east side of New York and is also seen in a lot of films where your favorite character adorns this style. This is a preppy style that is made for the fall season with the right kinds of clothes and accessories. This is a cute style aesthetic that has some amazing elements to it making you look like a dive when styled in Plazacore. If this is a new style for you then you need not worry as we brought it to you. Here is a list of clothes that you can add to your wardrobe to have this style in the season and look amazing and fancy.
1: Tweed dresses and skirt sets

Tweed is extremely popular in the plazacore aesthetic. You can get some tweed dresses along with a skirt set which includes the skirt and top and style them up in this aesthetic. This fabric is good for the fall season and has a warm and cozy touch to it. You can layer your tweed dresses with other warm clothes if the temperature falls. You can go with some cute hair accessories such as a thick hairband to style your look with the tweed dress.
2: Collared blouses

As said before this is the preppy style for the fall and you would see a lot of formal dresses and clothes here with a stylish touch to it thus this style would have a lot of collared blouses that would make new outfits. You can use these collared blouses and pair them with trousers, or skirts, or can layer them over vests, tweed skirts, and all the other clothes. These blouses with a trouser or skirts look super fashionable.
3: Mary janes and loafers

Preppy and plazacore are very similar and thus there is suitable footwear used in this style. Mary janes and loafers are easy to walk in and look stylish and elegant. You can style them with all different kinds of clothes present in the style such as dresses, skirts, trousers, and others. This footwear adds a new charm to the look and makes you look trendy with a proper and stylish plazacore outfit. You can accessorize the look with other things such as a handbag or any clip.
4: Trousers

To have a subtle and simple look you can go with trousers. Go for neutral and pastel colors that would make you look elegant and simple. Pair these trousers with a good blouse such as a collar blouse and along with that, you can go for a headband or a handbag that would add more charm to the dress. Several footwear options would help you attain the complete plazacore attire and get ready for the day.
5: Cardigans

Fall season means a decline in temperature and to keep yourself warm and cozy you need to have some layers to wear. For this preppy plazacore, this fall season you need to add some good cardigans to your wardrobe. You can pair these cardigans with skirt sets, trousers and blouses, dresses, and all the other attires. The color combinations must be taken care of and see that they look subtle and elegant. You need to feel comfy when you are styling up. Add accessories to your look such as a bow, headband, beret, etc.

These styles and aesthetics let you dress up beautifully and make you look great. Different kinds of aesthetics have different vibes to them and that makes it a lot better. You can mix and match different styles and creates something that works for you and represents you, your personality, and your style. There are no rules in the fashion industry. You can mix colors, styles, and accessories, go extremely maximalist or minimalist, just keeping in mind that nothing gets overwhelming, and then style yourself up in however style you want. This plaza come is a beautiful style that can be used to style for the season and look cute and elegant. This has a feminine touch to it. Add this style to your fall collection.

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